Monday, October 26, 2009

REBELLION "Perjuangan"

REBELLION “Perjuangan” (Nusantarajim Prod.)
Shocked. REBELLION managed to slap me hard in the face just from the ‘shocking elements’ of it. This is not my usual feedings for the ears. Although formed by some of the guys from KREMATION, a death Metal band, this is nothing like it. This is some kind of free-flowing, art-rock music. If you’re locals I can easily says this: “macam band Indonesia yang selalu kita dengar kat radio”. I bluff you not, songs like “Harus Setia” in this humble release can easily give those Indonesian pop-rock bands a run for their money. Play this to your woman, you might get laid in no time. It is that good, in that, err; tearjerking, soppy nature of it that is. Approach this with an open mind. I did just that and guess what I’ve found? Those couple of strong tracks in their own sense, that is. Go commercial, REBELLION; and show them what the underground musicians are capable of if they ever to get astray as ‘extreme’ as this.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

GORESLUTS "Cumshot Kamikaze"

GORESLUTS “Cumshot Kamikaze” (Dark Coleseum Recs./Morgue Café Recs.)
With such a predictable name and album title, without anyone asking I’m gladly announcing it as a porn-relishing feast. And without sounding a little pretentious or anything, I have to tell you that I got through this successfully. That is in the sense that “Cumshot Kamikaze” never give me the urge to press the ‘stop’ button incessantly. How predictable, how limited the genre might(seems) to be, GORESLUTS does it varied enough that the linearity boredomness escapes me. Some unnecessary sound-samples (some are very well-fitted, believe me), this is an admirable Malaysian porn-perverted grooving gore grind death assault. And no grunts on the final product either; good production, excellent artwork, nicely done layouts, etc; they’re very well in line with what GORESLUTS try to offer. Favourite song? ‘Bukkake Café’, absolutely. I do not support female-degradation of any kind, but in here it is some fun shit, hehe. They’re cum-soaked, they’re foul-mouthed. Good.

POLONG "Worship In Jahanam Darkness"

POLONG “Worship In Jahanam Darkness” (kvlt666)
Just one look on the cover and I guessed that this must be another AS SAHAR worshipper. Flip on the traycard and yez, a cover of AS SAHAR’s ‘Meditation Embun Pagi’ is here. POLONG, you made me smile. Now let’s get on with what to be offered here. Don’t get misguided first and foremost. I don’t mind at all with all these ‘AS SAHAR-ness’ if it’s being done well. And this doesn’t apply to POLONG solely. Very well, the cover-artwork itself sets that kind of ‘mood’ for “Worship…”. This crude sounding recording delve into the eastern mystickal realm once again, and I bet that they, the POLONG guys, eat, sleep and drink ‘Meditation Embun Pagi/Santau’-era AS SAHAR and nothing else. I hear it, yez; those familiar signs. Some passages could’ve even end up in AS SAHAR hymns should they get stuck up in that aforementioned era. Luckily for POLONG, AS SAHAR are way past that. I can vouch for POLONG in the future, should they get even better and less juvenile, if you wish to savour those moments once again.


Allow me to justify another big nod of approval for SYMBIOTIC IN THEORY. “Scream Theory” is without doubt one of the better self-releases of the local scene. The first thing I’m going to be discreet upon is of course the music. The very music. That, in reality; is what to define a release for. Solely for that reason. And I won’t be wrong if I deemed their music as technical, prog-inclined death Metal. And they handle it the way it should be. The songs are tight, solid, and served well. I have no complaints on it. What matters is whether you dig this kind of death Metal or not. A cover of ATHEIST’s ‘Unquestionable Presence’ included as well, reminding you of one of their obvious heroes. Or take NECROPHAGIST for the most recent ones (the band name, isn’t that obvious enough?heh). The decision to record this in Indonesia of all places resulted in that mammoth-like juggernaut of “Scream Theory”. The recording studios and its people in the local scene should take notice. Solid.