Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SICKNESS "Necrosymphonies of Necropsy"

SICKNESS "Necrosymphonies of Necropsy" (Grundar Productions)
One look, just one look at the cover and you might have guessed it right where SICKNESS adhered to inspirational-wise, haha. After so many years lurking in the underground, amassing countless of releases, I am quite positive that this is their first proper full length output ever. Thanks to the hardworking guys of Grundar Productions there has been a healthy run of releases of local acts in the grind/death territory, let's just hope that will continue as long as it takes. And while the cover might reminds you of a certain legendary act, the similarities stops there, I reckon. While there's still some reminisce they're all that miniscule. And with SICKNESS, expect nothing else than prescribed. formulaic good old grind death forte being served on your palatable plate. The only qualms I have with "Necrosymphonies..." is the seemingly weak productions for such a hard hitting musical direction. I don't know it if my ears are deceiving me as ages go by, but every time I am listening to this I always weighing in on the possibilities of a fuller, more pronounced production for it, and what it could do to the album instead. Any seasoned or conscious musicians in some of you might argue that it needs some kind of more 'layers' to the recording to make it sounds more menacing sort-of, but as a listener I know nothing but the quest for eargasm with anything I listen, and "Necrosymphonies..." falls short on that aspect. I even found their split with DAMOKIS to be more ferocious than this, that is certain. The average death grind freaks might have no issues on this, so just take it as it is. I have absolutely no question on the band's abilities, they've been doing it since some of you are still wearing diapers and suckling on momma's tits, I just think that a band with such a stature deserves a far better recording results.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

ANGUISH "Abstract Decomposition"

ANGUISH "Abstract Decomposition" MCD (Foundead)
Soldiering on with perseverance intact, Malaysia's very own ANGUISH puts out another slab of brutal-concocted soundscapes with "Abstract Decomposition". This mini-album, totally financed and released by the band's own Foundead label, proves to be the most challenging and adventurous outing for them to date. "Abstract...", while still delving in the soaked brutality that the band has grown accustomed to, sees the band branching itself a bit further into the unexplored territory and tapping on the vast potentials of expanding their musical horizons. There is lots (I mean LOTS), of interesting ideas here and there scattered out through the whole program that you can surely delve deeper if you could stay a bit longer. You wouldn't call this a straight up brutal death Metal release, it is brutal death Metal that is not shying away from mingling with other outwards musical anecdotes that will either makes you dizzying or found wanting, depending on what your aural observation state is. The comfort which has been found within the brutal death Metal allegory has been molested here with copulation of twisting influences, an action that equals 'progression' for the band if you may say so. Don't be surprised, you will find varying degrees of emotions and atmospheres within. However, one massive obstacle that you are forced to endure is the lukewarm production in it. It is certainly not deserving for the material as they require a more adequate one for the trickery to get heard of effectively. There is certainly much to savour within but the production just hamper it down a bit. Which is a bit of a loss to be frank since there's so much to be dug out here. I wish the band a better production next time around, there are endless possibilities to their music, let it finally presented in the manner it really deserves. Nice presentation of the MCD in elastic 'Anguish' pouch.

Friday, May 30, 2014

SUCCUBUS "Descend Unto Gehenna"

SUCCUBUS "Descend Unto Gehenna" MCD EP (Slaughterhouse Records)
Been waiting for their next output since the demo (the vinyl with the bonus tracks is another story, by the way), here it is the MCD of Malaysian SUCCUBUS, released by Slaughterhouse Records USA. In a minimalistic digipack packaging, "Descend Unto Gehenna" belches out 5 uncompromising tracks including a decent cover of INCUBUS classic "Reanimator's Mutilation". To those still unfamiliar with the band, SUCCUBUS stands for heavily rabid early thrash infested death Metal, to which the comparison with the gritty Swedish sounds of true death Metal surfaced, and this is the explanation too as to why the band is linked with the Swedish hordes, since those kind of undiluted morbidity is what some of the acts from the ever fertile Metal landscapes have devoured and decimated us for quite some time. I can't help but comparing this to their already mentioned (and already reviewed) demo, and to me this lacks a bit of the impact of the demo itself. Do not be discreetly subjective though, this is not to be taken wholly as something negative. The demo, under several reason and circumstances, had stirred the Malaysian scene quite convincingly when it is released I might add. "Descend..." proves to be SUCCUBUS in their more thrashier bit, but the speed indicator has been cranked up a notch too. This is where the loops surfaced its relevance to me, where in more than once I find the instrumentations, notably the vocals, guitarworks and the drums patterns (especially), tend to be choking a bit for breath on keeping up with the intensity. The intention is clear, the band aims to maim you like a Panzer tank (thus the song "Panzer the Iron Grave" is the opening track for this mini album), yet some tightening on several loose ends are warranted, clearly. The productions tend to sound a bit 'safe' too, the 'uncontrolled' vibe of the demo productions hasn't lose it charms definitely. But no matter how the comparison with the demo appears to be, "Descend..." is still some of the better assault of tested and tried unrelenting old thrash smeared death Metal madness you can get from Malaysia.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BLASPHMACHINE "hell : demo"

BLASPHMACHINE "hell : demo"
I think Kelantan has become the deathbed for some seriously fukked up and intense bestial black death exploits. Enter BLASPHMACHINE which, with their "hell : demo" provide the scene with probably one of the most unrelenting bestialised release so far. This, and the DARKREGIME demo, unleashed the fury of the Kelantanese scene, a pattern of which remains to be seen whether it will keep on the savagery or pointing towards another direction. This tape is so full of anger, there is nothing else to be felt upon listening. It's hate, hate, hate evaporating all over it. It's a single-minded aim for the kill. It is that singular and focused. Such is to the point that these 3 tracks seems like one sole opus divided into three parts, and with one single mission, which is to maim and crush. They're very similar and closely connected to each other. Whether this formula does it again for their longer playing release, we have to wait on that. It's a waste of time if you're looking for adventurous listening here ( I'd welcome a little, just very little, BLASPHMACHINE), this is geared to the final ratio of absurdity. I suggest you get the CDr version of it, my tape got chewed quite a bit by the player ("Sincere Musical Trading" cassette tape used, where the hell did they get this tape, which totally fails in quality, haha).

DEATHEVOKER "Towards Nothingness"

DEATHEVOKER "Towards Nothingness" (Envenometal Records)
"Towards Nothingness" is basically can be divided into two parts. The first 3 songs are totally the "Towards Nothingness" demo 2013 session, and the later 4 is taken from their demo 2012 "Eternally Rot" with new mix. I can understand why Envenometal decided to release them in this pro CD format, DEATHEVOKER is currently one of the more honest and straight blatant old school death Metal worship from the local scene. One tone of the guitars rumble, you already know they're nodding towards the filthy sides of Sweden. That crunching, menacing unmistakable tone. These 7 songs here are all that, the only way to divide them might be the more enveloped, fuller sound of the newer tracks of "Towards Nothingness", as "Eternally Rot" already confirming the band's damned destiny. I could use a little more shapes and moulds in DEATHEVOKER materials though, the vocals could be a bit more imaginative, the drums could be a little more tighter, blablabla;  perhaps a bit too straightforward and going by the ruler rigidly at times, but "Towards Nothingness" is good enough if you need some rotting death Metal with less of a headache to tinker with the instrumentations. Just let it ro(t)ll. Ahh, with a fitting artworks nevertheless.

JUGRA "Promo 01"

JUGRA "Promo 01"
Infusing RAC and Oi! nuances into the Metal frame is what JUGRA came out with in this "Promo 01", probably their first release to the masses whilst limiting it to 30 promo pieces as the cover suggests. Well, it should be an announcement of their arrival, methinks. As RAC synonymously stands for, you know what the image and stand of the band would be like, and while this review is entirely focused on the musical materials, it is nice to slot in some inherent informations as well. An intro and two songs here is predominantly rock soaked street Metal kind of, always dependent on the trusty 3-chords ingredients of the Oi! and punk genres, with the always conscious decision to have that remarkable own identity, portrayed with the always existing eastern Metal characters in the music. Sharp, short, simple, to-the-point kind of music, with more than once of thoughts that these might be aimed more towards the band's own circle, something that if you wish to find out more, could be directed to the band's contact. Musically speaking this could attain the interest of the punkish crowd as well, and metal maniacs who like it simple and not short of rocking tendency.