Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MORTUARY ANCESTOR "Doctrine Of Hatred"

MORTUARY ANCESTOR "Doctrine Of Hatred" EP CDr (Earblast Records)
I do remember listening to their "The Reincarnation" a couple of years back, songs that shows potentials but badly affected by the unsatisfactory productions. But here they are again with "Doctrine Of Hatred", this time I do honestly expect more of course. With years and experiences behind them, it should be something worth mentioning. And "Doctrine Of Hatred" might be just that. MORTUARY ANCESTOR of 2012 is a band that still is death Metal, but grows with their mastering of the instruments. The 5 songs here are shamelessly technical in nature, they obviously are challenging themselves with far more adventurous structures and layers in shaping the death Metal they are striving for. As the capabilities expanded, so is their compositions. "Doctrine Of Hatred" is a showcase of those culminating years within the band, very proudly and will always be death Metal, yet markedly and consciously evolves in tandem with the band's aging process. It might be hard to remember certain parts of them (the songs) in your head, but compensate that by following the stellar intricacies of the structures, tip-toeing if you must, and every now and then you will discover something within. The productions are deservingly good this time too. A solid Borneo death Metal offering, but you shouldn't acquire less considering the band's existence all this time. Time for another full length is nigh.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


LARRONG / ZORBOOTHUS "Kebangkitan" split CD (Muzik Box Production)
This split is a compilation of both band's releases spanning years of existence. I'm especially excited to hear the LARRONG side, since that my last encounter with them is the esteemed "The Eastern Shaman" promo tape back in 1996. But more on LARRONG later, because ZORBOOTHUS get the nod to start up things here. ZORBOOTHUS' tracks are taken from 4 separate releases, the oldest being the "Unharmonycalism" EP from 1999. Originated from Indonesia, you will get the picture more or less if I tell you that they deliver brutal death Metal. Yes, brutal death Metal the Indonesian way. Plus minus, it is what you will get from most of the brutal death releases there. And you know how good some of them are, so this is not bad, but very much in the frequently expected traits. They tend to 'slow' things up on the last song here, 'Seruan Setan' which unlike the others here, doesn't possess any blastbeat parts therein. I bet it is the odd one in their discography though, ZORBOOTHUS is primarily brutal guttural death Metal to the bone. Ok, so now comes LARRONG. They begin with their most recent output, the tracks from "Nuclear Armageddon" EP 2012. Probably it is no surprise to some, but as this is my chance to encounter them again after those years, I might not recognise this as the LARRONG of the 90's. They are strictly more death Metal nowadays, which put extra care on being aggressive and leaving behind that blackened vibe from the younger days. I have to change my perception of them from now on, the new LARRONG is some aggressive Borneo death Metal act, with suspects of having a usual diet of modern European death Metal to some extent. Decent, totally decent materials. The 'Narratik' single from 2008 brings back that "The Eastern Shaman" feel, yet I do find it more primitive and simpler than the promo. The tracks from "Dakan Perana Tana" EP 2002 shows yet another side of the band. Here they are in for some blackened death Metal (with drum programmings?) journey that, feels rigid and sterile due to that drum sound. The guitars show tendency towards the Norwegian black Metal nod, apart from death Metal. They close things up with a couple of live tracks, including the compulsory "The Eastern Shaman", which shows yet again why their 1996 promo tape is such a gem. The songs feels just right for its era, even though in its crude live recording condition. Let's see how far they can push their death Metal nowadays. Or they might change again on the next release? Being a band that almost single-handedly shape the scene in their area (at least 2 bands were named from their song-titles), LARRONG will prevail, most probably. (ZORBOOTHUS) (ZORBOOTHUS) (LARRONG)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DAMOKIS "The Fangman" / SICKNESS "Rhapsodies Of Corporeal Decomposition"

DAMOKIS "The Fangman" / SICKNESS "Rhapsodies Of Corporeal Decomposition" split CDr (Ograsmatron Production/Sickness)
What will you get when two of Johor, Malaysia's grind heavyweights had their own shares in a split? A veritable grind feast, that is. DAMOKIS comes first with 6 tracks of their grinding blend, still very much in the same vein and never to go anywhere else. It is always a pleasure listening to them, and this one is no excuse. Grindcore the good old way with enough hindrance of the urge to senseless blasting all the way. These are 'songs' indeed, not 'noises'. Those tongue-in-cheek black humor is still here as well, no worries. SICKNESS are up next, and they show even more penchant for developing songs rather than going head-first for the bashing. And yes they couldn't get more old school than this. It is like listening to some good grind during the 90's, completed with the pathological derivations; and please, do let SICKNESS stuck in that era forever. It suits them fine snugly. It is a nice split more or less, and for an 'occasional' grinder like me, it is more than adequate for the listen. Released on printed CDr with printed full color cover and insert.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ZARQUUM / GODA "The Cryptic Aesthetic"

ZARQUUM / GODA "The Cryptic Aesthetic" split CD (Demigod Records)
This split is well thought of and well produced, it certainly is one of the better looking splits I have from the local extreme Metal scene. "Cryptic Aesthetic"? To the point. Both bands deliver death Metal from a slightly differing perspective, they confront and complement each other at the same time. The ZARQUUM's side were even recorded by GODA line-up due to circumstances. It is predominantly technical death Metal from ZARQUUM. Luckily the technicalities doesn't leave the main compositions overshadowed. There're still 'songs' here. ZARQUUM's death Metal felt 'deep', more so with the unusual song titles and of course the tolerable technical juxtapose. A pleasant oddity for the scene. Try decipher them at your own will, I am content enough with the way they structure it. Aggressive and intense, death Metal the way I'm comfortable with. It is to my understanding that ZARQUUM has been disbanded, this is the only way for you to hear the band's mass circulated recordings it seems. GODA (or Genocide.Overkill.Destruction.Annihilation) starts of well to my ears, the opening of "Si Chaling" suggests some pulverising mid-tempo death Metal feast, but as the songs went further, it is revealed that they dwell within death Metal that is melodic-prone, but not in the all mellowing tendency. They are lethal in parts, and then will drift into the abyss of melodics and parts that sounds personalised and devoid of restrictions. Unusual song titles for them too. GODA bows to none but their own way of deciphering their music. Just don't stray to stay appreciative, because the tendency (of straying) is there. Did I mention about the productions? They're on the satisfying level here, good job on that. A split well worth it. Do listen to this.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SILENT DEATH "Silent Kiss Of Death"

SILENT DEATH "Silent Kiss Of Death" (Neomagik)
"Silent Kiss Of Death" is probably one of the most anticipated release from the local scene. Why not, it is only the second album from the legends after their more than 20 years of existence. This should have came out earlier, but due to some circumstances it is delayed for quite some time. I do not wish to instigate more about that, seeing this finally out is more important. It started off with an intro from Joe Slaughter who's also in SIL KHANNAZ, and it sounds like the continuation of his intro in the godly 'Conception Of Madness', no mistake on that. As soon as the title track appears, it became clear that we might see a 'rock n' roll' version of SILENT DEATH post-2000s, but it is to my relief that the intense nature of them is still here, midway through the song. Yes the great SILENT DEATH of old is not entirely forgotten here. They still believe in their more 'extreme' traits, it is here alright amidst the more rocking nature of the 'matured' SILENT DEATH. 'Hell-Popotamus' is definitely prime SILENT DEATH death Metal minus the more adventurous arrangements, and 'Mati Senyap' seems like a reconstructuring of their older, darker song in the "Dark Live" compilation years ago. No questions asked, these are the most precious moments for me in the album. 'Slaughtered Six, Six, Six' shows a more modern side of the band music-wise, not exactly bad but yes, it is different. "Silent Kiss Of Death", as a whole; is the embodiment of SILENT DEATH of the new era, which doesn't afraid to venture into a wider perspective without forgetting the effectiveness of what made SILENT DEATH, err; SILENT DEATH. How it will appeal to you depends on the way you approach it. It is a fitting finale legacy sort of, since that the only sole remaining original line-up Stone had unfortunately passed away not long after this has been released, thus putting the band existence in uncertainty. This is a piece of history in times to come. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

BACTERIA "End Of Hope"

BACTERIA "End Of Hope" MCDr (Trooper Art Regime Distro)
BACTERIA will always be remembered as pre-SILENT DEATH, one of the death Metal legend of Malaysia. I couldn't recall any other of their releases prior to this (at least officially), "End Of Hope" will finally put an end to my curiousity all these while about the 'mysterious' BACTERIA. Released on a printed slim-case CDr format, BACTERIA serves 5 original compositions here (if you don't count the minus one version of 'Unknown World', the 'ballad' track in "End Of Hope") to compensate those 25 years of silence. Symphonic death thrash is what they prefer to label their music as, and to a great point theirs differs from that of SILENT DEATH, a welcoming thought considering the linkages between the bands. While SILENT DEATH is all about unbriddled traditional death Metal aggression and fury, BACTERIA opted for the more personal, deep affection in their Metal. Symphonic is an apt description for their music, as BACTERIA uses the samples and synths elaborately to shape their compositions. They mostly hovers in mid-pace with ups and downs in emotions, punctuated none so visible than the myriads created by the atmospheres conjured. The dreamlike landscapes and moods here is akin to those of the fantasy heavy power Metal norms, in fact I think "End Of Hope" is more of a heavy Metal album with symphonic elements spliced with just a nimble of thrash and death Metal if they are in need. The vocals which utilised something like a half-whispering echoed growl is probably the most death Metal thing in here you will find. Of course you'll find other Metal elements contained as well, these guys probably have been listening to anything Metal before you're even born. Not something typically find in the local scene this "End Of Hope" is. This will definitely emerges freely from the heaps and lumps.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DEMISOR "Grind For Life"

DEMISOR "Grind For Life" (Straineyes Productions)
The title says it all. Singapore grindcore legend and monster DEMISOR full length is the ultimate statement of their existence. "Grind For Life" is a monolith of grindcore manifestation attained by years of creation and enslavement in the kind of audial butchery they give their lives for. You will get nothing else here than blistering grindcore explosion bursting right through your bowel before you know it. It is intense, it is bruising. Expect what is to be expected, do not demand for anything else. And with DEMISOR, there's no need to ask. Deadly grindcore from the master. On a more personal preference, I prefer the more death Metal infested DEMISOR of yesteryears. 'Oljud Knulla' is one untouchable song, even until today. But that is the past anyway. The total grindcore scene is where they really belongs nowadays, any self-respected grindcore freaks should worship this album. Grind for life, indeed.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MORGGORM "The Eye Of Gorsha Dimmag"

MORGGORM "The Eye Of Gorsha Dimmag" (Metal Zone Distro / Morggorm Music)
This album was released in 2007, suffice to say that MORGGORM has been doing it earlier than the current crop of thrash Metal revivalist in Malaysia. "The Eye Of Gorsha Dimmag" can be safely described as a straight thrash Metal album. No gimmicks, no theatrics, just some pure thrash Metal adrenaline. And the word 'straight' is as straight as it can be. They want to thrash, and thrashing is all they ever did here. No surprises, no shocks. And it is not all dark and gloomy for MORGGORM when Metal is concerned. They know how to have some fun with their thrash too. This is evident in some of the songs, where parts of rocking riffs were used in tandem with those intense ones. The song titles reflect this as well.  Apologise if I misinterpret them, but they seems to be not all that serious every time (song titles, not the band). Aided by owning a studio that other bands used for recordings as well, this shows in the productions of the album. I'm sure it is still available from various distros, so if you're in for some thrashing vibe, "The Eye Of Gorsha Dimmag" is one of the option.

Monday, October 8, 2012

DEATH KROLBT "Ritual Hollow Winter"

DEATH KROLBT "Ritual Hollow Winter" demo 2007 CDr (Evil Institution Records)
They claimed to play 'death Metal', but the first song 'Petualang Sial' clearly reeks of early HAYAGRIVA and AS SAHAR adulation. Ok, maybe it's the odd one, because the following three tracks, there's less doubt about them being death Metal though. Said to be originally recorded in 2004, this demo most probably reflects what the line-up had been possessed by during those years. It's a culmination of what was currently wandering around in the local scene back then. It's either death or black Metal with that distinct eastern traits. More than often I tend to lump the death Metal tracks as some lower rate copy of LANGSUIR early years. And the band seems to be trying to cram everything into their compositions. They tend to sound unfocused and everywhere several times, confusions will probably be a not too distant word to use here. I'm sure some of the band members are now in an even better band(s), therefore I found no other valid reason of releasing this rather than to be nostalgic, considering its age and such. A piece of history in some sort probably, but not that essential definitely. And a southeast Asian band singing about winter? Now that's a novelty.

Friday, October 5, 2012


MAJESTIC EAST "Mandau" CDr (Derangement Project Production)
Depends on the way you look at it, it's either a simple or difficult task to write about such release as "Mandau". I could easily stop after describing it as another 'eastern black/death Metal', but that wouldn't do it much justice, isn't it? But most of you will get the point anyway I think. MAJESTIC EAST is sticking to the gun with their firm belief in the 'eastern' formulas. It's 5 tracks of melodic black/death Metal the eastern way that you will get in this release. MAJESTIC EAST focused more on the melodic passages the most apparently, the thrashy and faster parts were there to juice things up. The vocals is of course in that black Metal vibes. Songs like "Ancient Glory Of The East" sways in all its melodic-ness before a short burst towards the end. MAJESTIC EAST seems to be majoring in the melodic realm. They say what you're listening influences you. If that's the case you can easily guess what kind of Metal the band is listening to based on what you hear on "Mandau".  Staunch eastern Metal diehards, I can guarantee that.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ZURIARTS "The Fairy Tears"

ZURIARTS "The Fairy Tears" single 2012 CDr (Night Art Production)
ZURIARTS is quite a productive band, but this is my first encounter with them. "The Fairy Tears" is a single release with a couple more unreleased tracks to justify the $$$ you're parting with to get a copy, which is a very nice gesture indeed. "The Fairy Tears" is probably the band's latest material to be released, and from this single song ZURIARTS seems to play melodic death/black Metal with compulsory necro vocals. And of course with eastern Metal traits clinging on like a virus. Highly melodic is the song throughout the entire length. Fortunately there's a remastered song from the first demo included, with what little I have here I'll try to make the comparison between these two. "Dead To Hell", the song from the first demo back in 2006, sounds more aggressive when compared with "The Fairy Tears". In fact it made me conclude that ZURIARTS are less black Metal nowadays than before, and if you listen to the minus one here which is included as well, the song did not sound black Metal at all without the vocals. It's a melodic eastern death Metal composition. Will the black Metal tendencies vanish from now on? That is to be determined when the next release come out. But the melodic aspect is everpresent in their Metal, that's for sure. A DESASTER cover 'Expect No Release' to complete the track list here.

DEMONIFICATION "Espionage Of His Messengers"

DEMONIFICATION "Espionage Of His Messengers" CDr (Night Art Production)
I don't know why, but it feels like a different DEMONIFICATION here than the one in the READY DISASTER 3-way split. I'm expecting something in the line of their songs there, ripping straight thrash Metal cacophony. But "Espionage Of His Messengers" saw DEMONIFICATION turn their heads around and opted for a toned down, safe, polished version of their ownselves. At least that's what it sounds like to me. It is as if they're holding themselves back on this. After the horrible ballad 'Air Mata Hawa', they tend to shift up a bit on 'Molten Lava', but then that vision of 'restraining' came back to haunt. And truth be told, this is one of the worst sounding material I have ever heard to come from Singapore. My copy sounds muffled, buried and 'deep', to my dismay. I hope this is just an isolated case and not affecting other copies of this release, even some 'proper' rehearsal recordings sound better than this. Comes on a nice glossy printed promo slipcase and a printed fold-out inlay, but that disastrous sound... The DEMONIFICATION from the READY DISASTER split, please come back.

QHARINTH "The Valley Of Humiliation And Contempt"

QHARINTH "The Valley Of Humiliation And Contempt" EP CD (Crambeat Production)
Though this was released in 2010, I still think it is relevant to write a thing or two, especially when I finally managed to get a thorough listen of "The Valley Of Humiliation And Contempt". I have to mention the well produced nature of this EP, the band certainly did their best with it. And it is one of the better sound production to come from the often used underground Metal friendly I Seek Music Studio. The nice layout was done by a band member himself. And it's not hard to categorize the band's music too. QHARINTH can be described as atmospheric, symphonic black Metal and the main ingredients are the heads of HECATE ENTHRONED and DIMMU BORGIR. The first song (not accounting the short intro) is totally trademarked HECATE ENTHRONED, while the one that followed has DIMMU BORGIR in abundance. The rest are the mixes of both. While the influences are overbearingly obvious, the way QHARINTH managed to emulate them is worth applauding. The keyboards are well utilised and truthfully one of the main instruments in their compositions, and some guitar works are quite good too. A little strenghtening on some obvious sloppiness and they will surely become a great act, because "The Valley Of Humiliation And Contempt" is a worthy release, showing that touch of good song crafting ability.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

APARAGONIS "Human Error"

APARAGONIS "Human Error" demo CDr (Angka Kematian Production)
"Human Error" presents 10 tracks of grindcore the way you know it. Blast, the occasional break, blast, occasional break again. You know the rules. APARAGONIS strictly play it by the book. You got the picture then. Maybe they should opt for a better production to heighten the impact, it's a little thin here. But of course, you have to make do with whatever that's available, I totally understand that. If you're content with the productions then you won't find it that difficult to swallow the offering. And of course if you're a devout grindcore fan, rest assured with this release, because APARAGONIS does it the way you want it.

PUNAHRANAH "First Chapter Of Killing Process"

PUNAHRANAH "First Chapter Of Killing Process" demo Cdr 2010
This is some very good Malaysian death grind, believe me. Instantly attracted to the band name, the material impressed me even more. This self-released material lasted slightly below the 15 minutes mark, and I found myself listening to it 5 times in a row. "First Chapter Of Killing Process" recalls the early years of ABORTED to me, the impact is pretty much the same to my limited listening experience. PUNAHRANAH does their stuff immensely at ease and exuberated an air of confident and flair. They certainly breathe the Metal that they play, evidence that evaporated from this release. Everything is perfectly executed here, at least at the time of the recording. They seemed to be more than ready when getting this recorded. Highly interesting Malaysian death grind release for quite some time, I bet on that.  Unfortunately my copy suffers from uneven levelling of the sound, not sure if every copy is affected by this as well. And I'm not sure about the limitation of this demo too, so if you have the chance, I can only advise you to keep it. The first chapter is (almost) flawless, I'm eager to hear more.

IMMOLATE "Confession Of The Enchanted"

IMMOLATE "Confession Of The Enchanted" single 2010 (Eastern Voice Production)
Another single from Eastern Voice Production that manages to make its way into my possession, this one even dating back in 2010. I think some of these might still floating around, there's a repress being made if I'm not mistaken. My copy is the first 100 which comes with sticker and handnumbered. From the word 'go' IMMOLATE serves sweeping black Metal which came across as a mixture of the eastern and the european kind of it. Eventhough IMMOLATE emphasize on being fast, the highly melodic picking is a constant feature throughout the song. It is fast, but being melodic as it is, "Confession Of The Enchanted" appears less aggressive than expected. Nothing wrong with that anyway, that's the way IMMOLATE craft its dark art. There's a demo being released after this single, but I haven't had the chance to hear it yet. Most probably it will be in the same vein and from the same recording session. This single serves as a teaser or something for what's to come. I have to complain about the sound though, it is badly compressed I think, poor mp3 conversion might be at fault.

DAMOKIS "Grinding Mother Whore"

DAMOKIS "Grinding Mother Whore" (Grundar Production)
The XL grinders strike back after some hiatus. Yes DAMOKIS is alive and well, as witnessed with the fittingly titled "Grinding Mother Whore". As the case with most grind releases, it is pretty hard to add to what has been established. You are already familiarised with what to expect. It is the way a band juxtaposed it to create their own that makes the difference, no matter how small it is. With DAMOKIS we have some experienced people at hand, thus a well-baked grind concoction is guaranteed. "Grinding Mother Whore" is 17 tracks of DAMOKIS grind that equates total belching chaos and a sense for hooking grooves, which is vital for a grind-related release to grab my listening attention (and many others, I assume). How long can you stand a straight forward non-stop instruments thrashing in a discreet and singular scope? Not that long, assuredly. This is when variations are needed, and DAMOKIS utilise that whenever they are on call. Yes, you can go through the 17 tracks without skipping, a justified valuation of your hard earned $$$ is guaranteed. Top it off with their tongue-in-cheek humour sense, and you got yourself a well worth grinding album in hand. Nicely packaged too.

FACE OF DECAY "Freedom Of Suffer"

FACE OF DECAY "Freedom Of Suffer" CDr (Angka Kematian Productions)
Naming your band after a REPULSION song would be a sound choice indeed, but it also leads to undeniable expectations. I approach "Freedom Of Suffer" with possibly a slightly higher demand, hoping the band will be able to exceed it. This was meant as a demo, released under Angka Kematian Productions for better circulation I think. What we have here is predominantly some standard brutal death Metal with grindcore tinges on the fast parts. And what you would expect here is of course all the norms that you will encounter with bands playing this genre. Nothing so damnly wrong with FACE OF DECAY, but I found their version of the massacre is a bit simple and 'hollow'. It lacks of something 'extra' that I couldn't exactly pinpoint on to. What is apparent for instance is the lack of some punishing drum-works which I think should be vital for music like these to reach its extreme nature. And everything else is so predictable in "Freedom Of Suffer". For anyone who is remotely interested only.

Monday, October 1, 2012

GOATLUSTING CHAOS / REFICUL ESRUC "Majestic Coronation Ov Lucifer's Worshipper"

GOATLUSTING CHAOS / REFICUL ESRUC "Majestic Coronation Ov Lucifer's Worshipper" (Goat Ov Mendes Productions/Nusantarajim Productions/Horror Distro)
A split in honour of Lucifer and of course, The Goat, GOATLUSTING CHAOS and REFICUL ESRUC complements each other fittingly here. REFICUL ESRUC starts the ceremony with an intro, an originalsong and a cover of SARCOFAGO's 'The Black Vomit'. Though with only one own proper composition to boot, I would like to hear more about them in the future. After the climaxing intro aptly named 'Black Thrash Attack', REFICUL ESRUC marches forward with 'The Burning Wrath', a track that serves as an epitome of what their black thrashing hymns is all about. Adequately, deliberately executed with all the right ingredients of a good underground black thrashing mayhem. This song was recorded in 2008, wonder why they took so long to finally unleash it to the masses. The SARCOFAGO cover was done justice here, I'd rather leave it at that. Enter GOATLUSTING CHAOS then, and they still never lost that horny forni-goatlust in them. In fact I think they sounded more vicious here than their debut demo, providing a little more hatred into their wicked  harmony. They still made me think of early IMPIETY at times, but that is not a bad thing either. The blueprint is already there with "For I Am The Goatlord" demo, this only further strenghtening the fact. Released in CD and tape version, a worthy addition to your collection no matter which format that you choose. I'm sure The Goat is satisfied with this for the time being, His corrupted souls does it decently on this split.

SAKRILEGE "Scale Of Savagery"

SAKRILEGE "Scale Of Savagery" Rehearsal Tape 2010
This is a rehearsal tape in its uttermost sense. It really does sounds like being recorded with  a battered tape recorder or something. Truly at its roughest. But to be fair all the vital equipments are audible nevertheless. I'll see what I can dig out from the tape, no matter how limited it will be. This is some bestial shit, no arguments. SAKRILEGE is purely more into the South American ways of desecrating Metal, that much is pretty obvious. The songs are no frills bestial black/death that might be mistaken to come from those part of the world should the band's Sabah origin is witheld. A cover of ANAL VOMIT's 'Sendero Siniestro' here is just to make the point even more noticeable. SAKRILEGE and their state-mate BESTIAL HORDES certainly has a thing or two in common. I do wish I could hear a more proper recordings of the band though, maybe there're still bits and pieces that I might unintentionally left out. 

EXCRETED TORTURE "Inclinated To Devour"

EXCRETED TORTURE "Inclinated To Devour" (Derangement Project Production)
A slamming, guttural death Metal band from Sabah is a nice indication for the scene there, mostly known with their black/death infested acts. So stood EXCRETED TORTURE like a sore thumb amidst the countless black/death releases, but they stood well enough. I found very little reason to doubt "Inclinated To Devour", because EXCRETED TORTURE seems to be doing it quite well. If you're familiar with bands pioneering these kind of musical brutality, I can tell you that EXCRETED TORTURE is doing it just fine too. They bury their heads to that US and Indonesia way of brutal death Metal immensely intact. The included live tracks here (although 'roughly' recorded, I guarantee that) are very loud and maddening to some effect, good inclusion indeed. At least you can visualize what crazed creature EXCRETED TORTURE is on stage. I like this for being what it is. Worthy.


DEATH IN EVOLUTION "Death Lullaby" EP CD (Obscure Sound Record)
It is another finely packaged product from another fine new label, Obscure Sound Record. As much as I am impressed with the enthusiasm, the listening experience falls a bit short though. "Death Lullaby" is mostly, no; entirely, mid-paced death Metal all the way. And it hovers well within that. Maybe some faster parts could add a little spice to the whole effort, but that is not the intent of DEATH IN EVOLUTION. I have this (false) hope that they will change the gear more than once throughout this EP, but that is not to be granted until the last second. Now who am I to interfere with the band's direction, I succumb to that. But it doesn't deter me from the fact listening to this tends to be a bit 'linear', the songs passes through me like a breeze. The productions is good though, thumbs up on that. Here's also a cover of a PAGANIZER song 'Storm To Come' from their debut album "Deadbanger", way before Rogga turning the band into an old school death Metal act (along with his countless other bands), so if you're familiar with this oddity in PAGANIZER catalogue, you are more than halfway right to figure out the music of DEATH IN EVOLUTION. It blends well with the rest of the tracks here.

SAKTISM "Krush The Weak"

SAKTISM "Krush The Weak" (Menjrex Nerto Productions)
Here's another hybrid of black/death/thrash the Eastern Metal way. Whereas I could here the normalisation, SAKTISM seems to have that 'crude' charm to their material. It is probably due to their compositional edges or even the frigid style of the vocal. "Krush The Weak" going round and round the aforementioned concoctions, but as their appear melodic, it's not to the point of sounding cheesy and such. And I do sense it has something to do with the way they chose how the guitars should sound too. It's sounding sharper and heavier than most of their counterparts do. And they dominate the productions too, the drums should be more upfront. "Krush The Weak" is a 'mean' release. "Fuck Off" (though a bonus track here) is a very angry song. Here's a fierce eastern Metal related release if you need some. Crude and brute.