Friday, September 28, 2012

ASMODEUS "Blasphemy"

ASMODEUS "Blasphemy" CDr (Derangement Project Production)
I should waste no time to get to the point, just like what ASMODEUS did with "Blasphemy". They leave no room for breath as they lashed out three tracks of uncompromising black Metal here. Hell, there's not even room for any mellowing parts. "Blasphemy" is a rotten relic of Scandinavian influenced raw black Metal with emphasis on being fast and direct. Nevermind the slightly dry production and the well-used Donald Duck goes berzerk vocals, I consider "Blasphemy" as a job well done as far as this kind of black Metal goes. And I guess the band doesn't want it to go anywhere else either. Just stick to the formula, make sure everything vital got their roles, then you'll get a release that you wish it to be. Definitely will struck well with listeners of the given description. Another worthy band from the damned Sabah land.


After heaps of CDr on rotation, I got this nicely packaged EP from PURGE THE ARBITRATOR. Very professionally done, the booklet is 8 pages too. All this released by the band members themselves. I have to applaud them for that. It shows the commitment they have towards the band. And in a way it also indicates the confidence they have with the material. What we are dealing here is technical-savvy death Metal that fortunately doesn't forget to sound brutal. Seriously this is some heavy shit. The band pummels through the tracks like there's no tomorrow. I did wonder on some parts how the drummer hammering the shit to pieces, but as a listener I'd better leave that to the musicians. Those blasting intense parts with some calmer moments is what PURGE THE ARBITRATOR have to offer. As Metal like these needs prerequisite listening, hearing how they manage to stack up the bits is something to behold. This EP is fine enough for being what it is, PURGE THE ARBITRATOR certainly is on its own class. Here's hoping while they venture more into that technical realm in the future, they won't forget to write good songs as well. Farking new wave emo Metal wanker imbeciles, listen to this and learn what 'heavy' and 'extreme' really means, no matter how 'modern' you want it to be.

NARRATIK "Sign Of Semelai"

NARRATIK "Sign Of Semelai" single 2011 CDr (Eastern Voice Production)
Eastern Voice Production is actively promoting singles, this is one of them. Apologise for discovering this a bit late, but that is to be expected from a rusted one-man machine like me. "Sign Of Semelai" is an all out eastern black/death Metal song; melodious, simple, catchy. It basically tells the legend of the Melanau empire evil spirit sort of, the lyrics is included in the booklet. The catchiness is almost danceable-like, so you know what to expect. Strictly for the eastern Metal aficionados this "Sign Of Semelai". Wonder if the next release will follow the same lines as this sampler though. Not sure about the price, but it should be reasonable for a single song release I think. My copy is stamped #153, not bad for a 3 minutes++ release.

NOCTURNIZED "False Paradise..."

NOCTURNIZED "False Paradise..." demo 2012 Cdr (Oldgoatcorpse Productions)
This is some primitive, evil black thrashing Metal from Singapore. Those immediately comes to mind when I finally able to play the disc (rejected by numerous players I've tried on, too evil for the players it seems). There's also a cover of BATHORY "Women Of Dark Desires" just to punctuate the point even more. NOCTURNIZED doesn't care for flair or the slightest penchant for technical wizardry and musicianship skills. They opt for the simple, effective structures laid bare since years ago to create their own homage to the sound of the devil. Glad that those simplicity doesn't lose any knack for catchiness, those are what keeps the listening going until the last song. Prove that if you're really into the music that you play even the simplest of songs will not lose its appeal. For the primitive black thrash in you, honestly executed.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

KAMBING SAKTI "Rotten In Hell"

KAMBING SAKTI "Rotten In Hell" demo CDr 2011 (Evil Institution Records)
What a name for band. Seriously. Loosely translated as "Mystical Goat" or something. Imagine my scepticism upon putting this in the player. Now putting it aside, I push the play button without hesitation. "Rotten In Hell", though with only two songs duration, is probably one of the best black Metal release i have ever heard from the land of Sarawak. I am pleasantly surprised by how convincing these two tracks are (especially the title track, with its adequate length and praiseworthy execution). Again this is not black Metal that you haven't heard of, but as is the trait of any good bands, it's the way they managed to craft whatever that has been heard before into their own. KAMBING SAKTI owns up wholly to their compositions here. They should be held responsibly for creating black Metal that is melodic and infectious with enough aggressive measures held intact. The synths are used sparingly well too, they create the tensions needed just right and doesn't go overbearing. Two songs here is not enough. We need more of KAMBING SAKTI. It better be soon enough. This demo is limited to 100 copies, so you know what to do then. This is so excellent that I wouldn't mind the badly xeroxed cover at all. I thought this is another mockery, but now I see KAMBING SAKTI laughing hard at me.

NAMSAR "Demon"

NAMSAR "Demon" CDr (Derangement Project Production)
NAMSAR is a young band from the fertile Sabah Metal scene, one quick look at the band picture says it all. This 4-tracker of a cd is a raw thrash affair, with some flair of death Metal tinged in. Synonymous with the band's age, their thrash Metal can't escape the naiveity nevertheless, but at least I can see the potential within "Demon". They have so many years ahead for the Metallic quest, and as age and experience gone by, they can expect nothing but improvements. NAMSAR did surprise me with some parts of their composition, there really is some good structures here. They just need a little more 'horning' up to make them flourish to something even better. With guidance from countless esteemed Metal bands there, I'm sure NAMSAR could do no wrong. There's definitely an advantage to be in one of the most active local Metal scene at the moment. For NAMSAR, just keep it up.


NEFTARAKA "Morts" (Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records)
The signs had been revealed in "Eternal Harsh", now "Morts" is the deliverence. NEFTARAKA's second album is the band's most 'personal' offerings so far (it topped the intensity on "Eternal Harsh"), and it's the total thrust right in the heart for the band's characteristics even more. Trademarked NEFTARAKA mould is all here, but "Morts" is the grimmest of the grim, harshest of the harsh when compared with their previous outputs. The vocals took a wider, varied approach this time, while the band tries to accentuate the different moods being set on the compositions. Aggressive and depressive parts are both maximized for the impact intended, I use the word 'personal' due to the fact that you can easily sense the roller-coaster ride of the moods when you finally get immersed in the proceeding. It is not that straight-forward anymore as in the past, but here's some prove that you can always be extreme without being overtly fast and to the point. Yes it is good ol' primitive black Metal with depresssive moments that you might feel familiar with, but NEFTARAKA is doing it their own way that the listening will never feel 'dated' and 'jaded'. Don't worry, you will not find any 'happy' moments even when they are at their most melodic here, NEFTARAKA is careful enough to avoid that trap. Total isolation and bleak experience guaranteed. I have declared it before and I am still standing firm behind it, the fact that NEFTARAKA is currently the reigning bastard of Malaysian black Metal, and "Morts" could do nothing but strengthen the facts. Ignore this and you are missing on something of great importance for the local scene. Excellent cover artwork by Ironworx Gravefix for the completion of one fine release.


GOATLUSTING CHAOS "For I Am The Goatlord" demo CDr 2011
Take total devotion of the goat to the extreme and you might end up with what is being offered here by GOATLUSTING CHAOS. The disc spurts three of their own composition of black Metal with thrashing influences and of course the unsatiable lust for the bestowed animal. At first glance of the cover I'm thinking of somewhere between the lines of bestial black death will conquer it but no, GOATLUSTING CHAOS is the more 'controlled' kind of goat-worship. Even if they do have the tendency of bestiality, the compositions are definitely 'bearable' for its standards. The first song which is quite a short one serves as a prelude to prepare you for the ensuing goat-quest. Then the two hymns follows. What GOATLUSTING CHAOS on this demo is some kind of black Metal with hints of raw thrashing vibes with extra care on wicked, horny mid tempo parts that exudes nothing but copulation readiness. It is similar to the vibe when listening to IMPIETY's "Asateerul Awaleen" album, for example. Add up two covers of VON ("Satanic Blood") and IMPALED NAZARENE (no prize given for guessing it right that the song is "The Horny And The Horned") and you have another promising band from the local scene on the rise. I have nothing but good expectation for GOATLUSTING CHAOS, they are doing it right so far, including the dark sense of humour injected within the band. Please keep on lusting for the goat if you can come up with something as decent as "For I Am The Goatlord", GOATLUSTING CHAOS.

Monday, September 24, 2012

EMATHOR "Blinding Path"

EMATHOR "Blinding Path" (Derangement Project Prod.)
Thrash Metal again? I thought, at the very least; I might feel a bit nauseous due to the influx of thrash Metal materials making its way to me these days, but this is worse. Those whiny wailing singing really annoys me on this. And that screaming vocals doesn't do much either. Precious moments are hard to come by on this release. They do manage to thrash it just fine on those rare occasion, but that's just about it. In EMATHOR I see a confused band trying to cram various influences and preferences into one, but the result is far from satisfying. I won't bother listening to this again, Those 'weepy-weepy' moments is a major disturbance. I am so narrow-minded, I am sorry. But I won't budge from my opinion that this is below par. Surprised that this is coming from Derangement Project too.

MANGGAS "Kuraia"

MANGGAS "Kuraia" (Derangement Project Production)
MANGGAS has been around for quite some time. I remember not being too impressed with their previous demo before, which title escapes me for now. Glad to know that the band is still on it though, "Kuraia" is a Cdr release from the ever productive Derangement Project. Three tracks are listed on the cover, but there's actually four songs here. Ironworx Gravefix did a nice job for the artwork as usual, time to devour the content then. 2011 MANGGAS is still deeply rooted to their eastern Metal heritage, that is certain. Characters of Malaysian Metal especially during the 90's projecting strongly on "Kuraia", but this time there's more of this influences from the symphonic/epic power Metal scene whenever they wish to go melodic. And I will not be surprised if they go more into that direction if this release is an indication of things to come. MANGGAS excels on those melodic parts here, particularly when the solos made their presence. "Kuraia Supuratism", for example; is all about mid-paced eastern Metal that you ever need to know. "Deathrobe" feels like being composed directly after listening to LANGSUIR's "Occultus Mysticism" demo and injecting it with some power Metal serum. "Total Tabak Bauta" tried being aggressive initially, but when those melodic parts chip in, they swallow everything else. They are the main ingredients in MANGGAS music as of today. The untitled, hidden fourth track is basically the same mix like the ones described here. "Kuraia" is, most assuredly, definitely better than the previous demo that I forgot. And will be just fine for any eastern Metal listeners out there. There's no surprises here (apart from being better than before), MANGGAS is doing it safely within the confines.

HELLSTORM "Ribut Neraka 666"

HELLSTORM "Ribut Neraka 666" (Derangement Project Production)
HELLSTORM seems like a project of some like-minded individuals joining forces to form a band that might be slightly different from their former ones. The music and vocal parts were recorded in two different, far apart location. I'm almost sure that the line ups also plays in some other band apart from HELLSTORM, but that should be another story. We should concentrate on "Ribut Neraka 666" instead, this space is for them. This is a thrash Metal album with prominent heavy Metal influences and adding up the necro vocals for that blackthrash similarities. The use of drum-programming on "Ribut Neraka 666" recalls materials from the thrash Metal duos of French IMPERIAL and their lesser known countrymate EXKREMENT to mind. It all makes it sounds very rigid and clinical all over, missing that unique human factor should a real drummer is being utilised. Some good riffs and arrangements can be encountered, but the listening feels a bit too sterile and sanitized, if you get it. The impact will increase more than a tenfold if real drums are being used. Good for those who dig IMPERIAL though. And good cover song included as well.

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TAMMAT AL-QUBRAA "Promo 2012" (self-release)
I've never met of anybody else uttering the word 'sado' more frequently than TAMMAT AL-QUBRAA's vocalist. That is the basis that I'm preparing myself into while waiting for this promo CD to arrive. And guess what? I'm not even halfly wrong. TAMMAT AL-QUBRAA is all about worshipping that 'sado Metal' made famous by IMPALED NAZARENE in their early (best) years. Only that surprisingly TAMMAT AL -QUBRAA do find some rooms for a bit slower, mid-tempo parts. The 'singing' parts is not what you will find on everyday basis. He sounded like being whipped or tormented while doing the vocal tracks, it's a 'love it or hate it' kind of situation. Adding some characters to the band, nevertheless. Reminds me of listening to NAKHARATUL KHAUM's demo years ago. There's only one original song here, but I wouldn't mind hearing more of them in the future. Add a cover of IMPALED NAZARENE "Chaosgoat-Law" here to make the point even noticeable. Vicious, reckless stuff.
204-A2, Pangsapuri Merak,
Jalan Bukit Idaman 8, Bukit Idaman,
68100 Selayang
h/p: 0123684671

ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON "Her Forlorn Monsoon"

ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON "Her Forlorn Monsoon" (MTD Production)
Melodic black Metal from Bangladesh. Surely exotic enough for me to find out about. Just recently I discovered some really interesting stuff from their neighbouring Sri Lanka, so something good must be dwelling from that part of this stinking world. Released by Malaysian MTD Production in numbered 66 copies, "Her Forlorn Monsoon" contains 3 tracks of black Metal interlaced with melodic passages, aptly fitting the description given in the booklet. It starts off well with this acoustic guitar driven title track, followed by 2 more tracks of black Metal interspersing between the more aggressive and melodic parts. The band is never short of ideas for the compositions as shown here, there seems to be enough parts for everything being thrown in. It is only that these kind of melodic black Metal seems all too familiar that gets me distracted at times. Good release nevertheless, but depending on your personal musical taste, that will determine the longevity of this disc in your player. But Bangladeshi bands? Approved, a scene worth checking out nevertheless.

RABIES "Apocalypse Agenda"

RABIES "Apocalypse Agenda" CDr (Metal Porn Production)
It seems that Metal Porn Production has an undying passion for thrash Metal bands. Here it is another thrash Metal assault, this time it is RABIES from the Phillippines with their "Apocalypse Agenda". If I'm not mistaken this has been released before by another label on other format, this CDr version from Metal Porn Production is limited to 60 copies. And it is to my relief that the thrash Metal here is of the high standard variants. As is the norm with thrash Metal, you couldn't add any much more for such an established and firmly characterised genre as it is. That is probably the reason why RABIES consciously decided to fill "Apocalypse Agenda" full with those mid-period Teutonic thrash Metal that we have all very accustomed to. But RABIES know their thrash well, which is why "Apocalypse Agenda" deserves a listen. An inevitable thrash feast is assured with this release. They waste no time to rip through each of the songs from the word go and doing it just precisely. Probably one of the best I've ever encountered from the Phillippines.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NAVRATHOS "Possessed From The Black Forest"

NAVRATHOS "Possessed From The Black Forest" CDr (Flying Axe Production / Draconian Production)
Two goats head on the logo, forest landscape as the cover, all in black and white; so what would you expect? Black Metal, precisely. Primitive black Metal, to be exact. NAVRATHOS' "Possessed From The Black Forest" is another manifestation of crude and rude black Metal devoid of anything else. The sole special thank to Satan on the inlay thrusted their point even more. There's nothing else here than black Metal made unholy initiated by DARKTHRONE in their "Under A Funeral Moon" album, the said album fumes and looming large throughout this disc. But at least NAVRATHOS does it decent enough. There is no question this is black Metal in and out, rendered with the right purpose and appeal. I'm sure the lyrics are as straightforward as the titles too. "Pig Devotee" is definitely an interesting song-title (and a good mid-paced song). For intolerant black Metal fanatics only. These guys eat emocorefukks for breakfast.

SUCCUBUS "Sadistic Rites Of Evil"

SUCCUBUS "Sadistic Rites Of Evil" demo EP (Metal Porn Production / Morbid Invasion Rex)
As I anticipate the onslaught of slurring good releases from local bands, this cassette tape EP find its way to me. I only heard positive words of them prior, since I, as usual, missed on their limited CD release. This similarly limited (200 copies) tape edition in four(4!) colors cover variations did not escape me though, and upon pre-listening and countless re-listening after, it is all justifiably, brilliant. What SUCCUBUS delivers is nothing new, but they done it the RIGHT way. "Sadistic Rites Of Evil" is a feast of over-the-top raw death Metal rotting away with straight in-your-face ripping underground thrash Metal of the old. POISON goes death Metal? MERCILESS with death-lier dose? Those kind of description might suit perfectly with it. Of the more recent bands I could recall the sorely missed VERMINOUS and substance of KAAMOS in their rabid savagery. Yes, those bands that rekindled pure essence of death Metal in all its filthy glory. Whatever people attributed themselves to 'rotten death Metal' these days, "Sadistic Rites Of Evil" is one such fine specimen. I do pride myself that it's coming from Malaysia, and I am pleasantly surprised too. They capture it with uttermost confidence. I did manage to compare this tape with the CD version, and I have to agree that the CD sounds much more savage. Remastered for the tape version? Whatever, the songs rip. They couldn't go wrong if this is to be judged. And try a little harder to get the tape too, it's gone as fast as the CD I think. Or rather wait for the re-release of the CD, and perhaps a release in wax soon enough. I'm sorry, this kind of death Metal, when it's done just right, I couldn't help but to lavish it with praises. Time for another listen.

LAVATORY "Transgression"

LAVATORY "Transgression" EP (Morbid Invasion Rex/Vomit Blood/Vigil Studio)
I get enthusiastic whenever any chance of reviewing good, promising releases flourished every once in while, and looking at the current rate of materials received I can only anticipate good things. LAVATORY (the Malaysian ones, that is) is a name unknown to my limited local scene know-how, until they came out bursting with this EP on pro-tape format. "Transgression" is a nasty piece of 5 death Metal tracks in mostly old Swedish death Metal  vein. Name-dropping DISMEMBER as one of the main influence is easy, as one don't have to dig so much to hear that in their music. I find that throughout the entire listening here. LAVATORY is something of a darker, bastard version of the mentioned Swedish gods. It makes sense to visualize that renowned blueprint is being thrown and immersed into the cauldron of burning hell-fire to create what is known as LAVATORY. At least that much is prevalent throughout these five songs here. I have to mention the solos as well, they're excellent and really complement the songs whenever they are needed. The vocals pattern is very much in the Matti Karki way of arranging it too, not that they sound alike, but they are similarly 'placed', sort of. And more vocal parts (longer lyrics?) wouldn't hurt either (matter of preference, ok I admit). "Transgression" does more than enough for a first release, it is being pressed again on CD format by a US based label and took the band places for live shows so far, and they are signed to Pulverized Records more recently. It's a varied and more exciting local scene should more releases like these is on the line. "Transgression" is on a regular rotation here, and even if you put aside my interest in these kind of death Metal, it deserves your listening too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


TOOLS OF THE TRADE "Pulse" EP (Stoneville Records)
This short and sharp burst of musical extremity deserves a similarly rapid reviewing apparatus. And while the journey is a bit swift, what a bursting swiftness it is. "Pulse", the cassette tape EP of TOOLS OF THE TRADE cemented their reputation as one of the best straight-out ballsy grind bands ever to emerge from the Malaysian soil. Everything you need from a good grind release is all here, the songs are frighteningly to the point with all the techniques and baggages firmly engaged. Didn't came as a surprise to know that they embarked on a European Tour not so while ago, this short tape presentation is all I ever need for a testimonial that they clearly deserve to do that. An album ("Defy"), has been released soon after this one, which I did not manage to get my hands on just yet, but "Pulse" is a positive indication if anybody wish for one. Like the cliche says, grind on. And it is all for the right reasons.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


AMENORT "Die" Cdr (Metal Porn Production)
Another band in the thrash Metal vein, AMENORT presents us this release via Metal Porn Production, limited to 60 copies, hand-numbered. Unending obssession with robots and hatred for zionist prompted this 5-tracker of old-school thrash Metal with strong crossover influences ala D.R.I and the likes. Strictly for the listeners of  the sound I am typing above, because that is all "Die" is. A matter of taste exclusively. AMENORT is doing it by the book, and that is all you can expect. No standout tracks to be found, all of them are in almost the same level in-between. The productions is decent for its level. There. I think I summed up "Die" good enough for you to understand. 


A 3-way thrash Metal split featuring two Malaysian bands (HEREAFTER and HIDING FEAR) and Singaporeans DEMONIFICATION, offering 3 tracks each. HEREAFTER is the first in line, and yes they're still delivering their thrash Metal the way they know it. No surprises here, it is still HEREAFTER, therefore good ol' thrashing will be served as usual. A particular mention for the song "Orang Jahat", a catchy assault complimented with the honest Malay lyrics. DEMONIFICATION, as the name suggests, is the evil one this time. A rather direct thrashing approach with screaming vocals, reeking back to older days. Their songs here leave little room for breath (and imagination). More than perfect to match up with HEREAFTER, the score will be pretty even. HIDING FEAR closes the proceeding, and they're probably the worst produced band here. The sound is way too compressed, but I am trying to ignore that and focusing on the tracks here. And they prove to be the least interesting of the lot, the songs are simplistic but that won't be a problem if they don't sound this bland and chaotic. I'm left numbing after hearing their part, which prompted me reverting back to the HEREAFTER and DEMONIFICATION tracks. Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


KILLER CORPSE "Death Rising" MCD (Stoneville Records)
Besides the surging of Thrash infested bands lately, I also realized the death Metal troops creeping up quite healthily in the local scene too. And do take note that most of them are quite good actually, to say the very least. Enter out of nowhere (for me) KILLER CORPSE with this, their MCD "Death Rising". Bowing their heads towards the once glorified Florida, US death Metal deathbed; with a tendency for that doomdeath heavier hoarding of song structures. Nothing groundbreaking, yet they do it decent enough. There's also some similarities with the equally promising HUMILIATION to be found here too, check out "Horror Of War"for example, it will fit perfectly tact with any HUMILIATION releases comfortably. Even the production stays close to that of their counterpart. But I dare say KILLER CORPSE seems to be a bit more varied, as this fine MCD release shows. Decently packaged as well and for the right price to pay. Death Metal worth listening. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

THE CASKET "Dead Is Alive"

THE CASKET "Dead Is Alive" MCD (Earblast Records)
Right from the initial guitarworks it is clear to me that THE CASKET heavily leaned towards the US-styled brutal death Metal tendency. But they're not quite that to-the-wall US brutal death Metal all the way. This has much to do with the way they arrange the songs I think. Most prevalent is of course the drum-programming utilised here. I mean, those riffs will perfectly fit any guttural generic brutal death Metal album with ease, but then combined with the programming arrangements, they're not quite that anymore. Perhaps THE CASKET tries to incorporate some other elements of death Metal in them, but that drum-programming, they're not that potent. More than a couple of times I'll get lost in the course of the listening, distraction caused primarily by the way the programming altering the passages in the songs. Those songs will work even better with a real drummer, this I could almost be sure of. And that could elevate THE CASKET as a typically good death Metal band most probably. But for now, those drum-programmings won't do much for me. Leave MORTICIAN alone, they are not from this planet.

Monday, September 10, 2012

CLAW "Negativity Through Solitude"

CLAW "Negativity Through Solitude" (Blackwinds Production)
CLAW's first album after a couple of rehearsals and demos finally being released to the masses, after numerous delays and slight mishaps. Well, with a band that preaches everything negative, that is to be expected I think. Currently the better known black Metal bands of Malaysia due to the nationwide exposure on a local so-called 'righteous' magazine (they're on the cover, yes, but not for an intended coverage), you can expect everything that's being shown on their previous outputs in "Negativity Through Solitude". Surging, sweeping black Metal hymns more akin to Finnish extreme black Metal hordes (Sargeist, Satanic Warmaster, Baptism, Behexen, you name it) and a bit of that Nordic side. Arguably the most 'un-local' of the local black Metal bands for now, period, which is a good sign too. Nothing to babble about their music, it is unapologetically true to the coffin black Metal cravings without any pseudo weird shit  with great songwriting talent. But maybe, and I do wish, that the drums could be more monotonous in the right way, it will suits the way they approach their compositions better. Sometimes that rolling breaks emerges too often that in some ways disturb the climaxing nature of the songs. Some clever plays with the cymbals would be more than enough and surely works even better. The mixing sounds a bit too much 'mp3' to my abused ears too, if you know what I'm saying. Coupled that with some simplistic DIY packaging that doesn't justify the potential of this damned album. Admittedly, the album will be released on cassette tape format soon, with different cover artwork and most importantly, with the mix that's being touted as 'how it was meant to be', so let's just hope all will fall into the right places this time. I awaits the more deserving presentation of this album, and let's see how much more it could surprise me then.

Friday, September 7, 2012

ANGUISH "Hung Rotten"

ANGUISH "Hung Rotten" demo 2012
"Hung Rotten" could as well being summed up as the closing for a chapter of ANGUISH existence. The tape contains 2 unreleased songs from their "Mass Dismemberment"-era plus a cover of HYPOCRISY "Pleasure Of Molestation". Rather than being laid to rest and eat the dust, the sole remaining member from the original line-up vetoed those 2 songs are worthy enough to get it out and after some reworkings on the original recording, here they are. A direct continuation from "Mass Dismemberment", yet these sounds a bit more crude and menacing (different recording sessions maybe). ANGUISH are old school brutal death Metal done with passion and spirit fully intact, facts bare laid and sound with nothing to hide. Like what's being typed in the first sentence, it's a logical ending for a chapter. The new phase of ANGUISH will be revealed soon, according to their backbone, and from what I could gather it's going to be more and more death Metal madness to come. "Hung Rotten" is a fitting edition to their discography, this 3 songs are perfect to fill in the gaps while waiting for their new material. Pro-tape limited and hand-numbered to 200 edition.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

HUMILIATION "Brink Of Defeat"

HUMILIATION "Brink Of Defeat" (Gempita Records)
Currently the most productive band from Malaysia (3 full lengths, 2 eps, and counting), HUMILIATION reminds us once more of the words 'less is more'. But you'll get nothing less, and nothing else than the formulaic headbanging-friendly old death Metal approach from them, and proudly to say you'll find that in all their releases. Here is a death Metal bowing to the likes of mighty BOLT THROWER and just a little of that 90's NYDM buoyancy. 3 tracks of all that in a sexy swirl vinyl "Brink Of Defeat" is. These kind of music works well in live shows, that is a fact. And it does well for me with the duration of this release, not so sure on that if they goes longer (a full album, for instance). That can be captured with more variations on the compositions probably. But variations plays second fiddle for Metal like these in most cases. Inking a deal with US based Deepsend Records just recently, and constant live shows throughout the years, the band seems to be doing it just fine admittedly.


PUTREFIED REMAINS "EERIE - Spread The Hate" CDEP 2012 (Metal Porn Production)
Necroabyssious and his VARATHRON legacy should be proud. This EP is one of the most aptly justified attempt at honouring their creations. Look at the cover art before you start reading. Doesn't it 'eerie-ly' familiar? An unused proposed cover art for a VARATHRON release maybe? Haha. Far-fetched, but the idea is there. So it musn't be all that wrong. Now push the 'play' button. Ok, everything is clear now. Before anyone making an attempt of dissing this as another worthless carbon copy release, please consider these two major factors: A) The band doesn't hide the fact that it is their homage to that distinctive Hellenic sound B) They do it blatantly, considerably SO well. The Greek black Metal characteristics are what most local bands in the 90's tried to emulate back then, but many succumbed to mediocrity, for whatever reason unknown. PUTREFIED REMAINS finally got it done right this time, but with that thoughts of getting anything a bit different here thrown into the bin. None to be found here. Those song structures will reminds you of VARATHRON, the drum kit might be bought from any Greek studios producing Metal in the 90's garage sale, the line-up might be distancing themselves from other releases, Necroabyssious might be using another pseudonym here, etc.; those kind of thoughts. Worshippers of "His Majesty At The Swamp" and "Walpurgisnacht", this EP is a must. I thoroughly am delighted listening to this. They don't surface as much these days, let alone being (faithfully) done this well.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ATOMICDEATH/BLOODSTONE "Hellish Nuclear Destruction"

ATOMICDEATH/BLOODSTONE "Hellish Nuclear Destruction" split CD (Bloods of War Records)
Back for it again, ATOMICDEATH bombed us with another release, this time with the Singaporeans BLOODSTONE. A thrash Metal split, obviously. ATOMICDEATH wasted no time restarting what they have unfold in "Missile Massacre", glorious feast of simplified Slayer-esque thrash Metal with rigid underground Metal spontaineity. They sounded a bit more direct on the thrashing approach here, not even an ounce of that hunger being left out. I have nothing much to complaint about them, furthermore with the local scene nowadays with its sudden surge of thrash Metal inclined bands, I'll pick ATOMICDEATH out from the bunch without a single regret. So please, give us more of that plutonium digesting gesticulated Metal, no problem. BLOODSTONE is the more crude version of thrashing madness here, more chaotic, more primitive too. Probably leaning more on the European side of it I think. BLOODSTONE is just, alright to me. They done it quite good I think, but perhaps lack that compositional edge the ATOMICDEATH guys have in abundance. If this split is a war, then ATOMICDEATH is the victor, with considerable margin I might add.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

VISITANT "The Sword Without Eyes"

VISITANT "The Sword Without Eyes" (Celestial Frequency)
It took BARELY 13 years to see the follow-up from VISITANT after their split-tape with TASYIM came out in 1999. And right until the unleashing of "The Sword...", VISITANT for me harbours the words aggressive, fast, epic, with a certain rawness in it. Fast forward a decade plus 3 more years, what can you make of VISITANT then? If you put the materials on the split-tape and this MCD side by side, then among the initial findings would be in terms of the productions of course. That split-tape is almost a rehearsal recording left untouched to preserve its primeval nature. Here in "The Sword..." is what would probably be one of the better production job for a local release indeed. Perhaps that long hiatus has its own blessing indeed. "The Sword Without Eyes" is the opening track too, and when it starts there's this instant VISITANT vibe injected, you know it if you've heard them before. As the proceeding gets going, by then you'll notice what is VISITANT, and what was VISITANT. The band incorporates a lot more of that 'epicness' nowadays, made possible mostly due to the fact that synths are an integral part of their compositions from this point on, and surely the possibilities of the productions itself. The aggresiveness is still there, yet it is to my surprise that I could even say this MCD might appeals to the current listeners of pagan, heathen Metal wave/front/whatever. I'm missing that certain 'rawness', but they, as do you and me, aged, so that might be the reasoning. The 'new' VISITANT emerges gradually right until the last song. Hell, "Tales of the Past II" might even be a favourite campsitesittingbythefire hit, and in no means I'm joking here. VISITANT nowadays will surely garner a wider listener base, only those hopeless narrow-minded romantics like me (you?) will reminisce, at least a bit; at their raw youthful exuberations back then. Future release(s) demanded, at the meantime you'll find not much of an excuse to skip this one out, a very solid and convincing output.