Thursday, July 30, 2009

ATOMICDEATH "Missile Massacre"

ATOMICDEATH “Missile Massacre” cassette EP (Black Konflik Records)
What will happen if a crust and a black Metal band confines in each other and having a mutual butt-fest? Enter ATOMICDEATH, and the fornication spells only one word, ‘thrash’. Fukking ‘thrash’. Made up of members from APPARATUS(crust) and D.C.A(black Metal); the cassette only release “Missile Masacre” became a fierce destruction of stripped-down raw meat-style no-nonsense total thrash Metal approach. These 5 tracks are pure bastards of good ol’ thrash Metal whoreship, more then once the fondness for Araya and co. are shamelessly emulated therein. ATOMICDEATH are short, sharp, straight and to-the-point. Guitar solos are kept at a minimum, but what the fukk, here it’s thrash approached crustifully yours. So the aptness for simplicity and raw energy are here to stay. Solid.
Black Konflik Records, PO Box 28, 27600 Raub, Pahang, Malaysia

Monday, July 13, 2009

ATHOTORGH "Promaster Dieyana"

ATHOTORGH “Promaster Dieyana” LP (Gempita Records/Morbid Invasion Rex)
Sure, this is an old one. But seeing how good this is, and considering the fact that it’s the first ever vinyl release by local labels, and of course for the unreleased “Einchfriekel” track, why not we reminisce a bit eh? “Promaster Dieyana”, being a 12 years old release done by Ultra Hingax Productions, still retains its title as the definite Malaysian thrash Metal assault ever, undoubtedly due to ATHOTORGH’s enviable penchant of writing catchy-as-fukk pure adrenaline-driven underground thrash Metal the Malaysian way. It is all in its entire glory here, immortalized in pure black wax. I have to praise the labels involved for opting to have it all in 45rpm speed, the tracks are screaming for it. Talking about “Einchfriekel”, this unreleased recently recorded track shows ATHOTORGH in a more direct approach, very to-the-point aggressiveness feel in it with the structures are leaning more on the speed Metal appetite; then being thrashed, ATHOTORGH-style, at will. One thing for sure, they never lose their extremelyfrustratinglybrilliant catchiness. ATHOTORGH will always be ATHOTORGH. The presentation itself is overwhelming in a certain way. Included is a 20-page A5-sized booklet reeking with ATHOTORGH-ness and a poster. Apart from minor fault like spelling mistakes (“Einchfriekel” spelling on the sleeve and the centre-label, for example), it is all a job done right, a labour of love shining bright, huhuhu. A well-deserving tribute to one of a kind Malaysian band. This is a piece of Malaysian underground Metal scene history. Limited to 250 copies.

ISTIDRAJ "Blasphemized Perversion"

ISTIDRAJ “Blasphemized Perversion” MCD (Bidadari Desecrators Legion Records)
Anyone who is familiar already with ISTIDRAJ; I can tell you this: nothing else is to be found here except a polished ISTIDRAJ. This is applicable if their earlier releases are to be taken into considerations. Here’s how to put it in perspective: the ISTIDRAJ of today are more straight-forward/direct, for instance those so-called melodic-ness are still there, but they’re being done in a much more aggressive, direct way. To pin-point their sound, I’d prefer this: European black Metal-influenced, yet there’s still that certain touch of eastern black Metal that wouldn’t just let them go; and several nods to the more traditional thrash and black Metal sounds. Far from being groundbreaking, yes; but to regard “Blasphemized Perversion” as a worthless release is not the point either. This is a good 10-minutes plus of, err, perversion, I’d prefer a longer duration of ISTIDRAJ though. Hats off for the great cover-photo, I have a soft spot for these kind of ‘em, hehe. Ah, and a decent cover-version of VON “Satanic Blood” anyway. Bidadari Desecrators? A true BLASPHEMY/Ross Bay Cult homage eh. Whatever, nice cover-photo. Great cover-photo. Shit, I can’t stop.

Friday, July 10, 2009

PATHOGEN "Blasphemous Communion"

PATHOGEN “Blasphemous Communion” (Evildead Production)
Yet another MORBID ANGEL-infested death Metal slugfest on the offering. Throw in some other various influences from the untainted real death Metal sounds, and Philippines’ very own PATHOGEN executes their duty, and things are more deservingly interpreted this time around. It is well-played, decently produced, so all that’s to be expected are all here; just to put everything presented in one crammed sentence. Reasons good enough seeing this being released in various formats, including on LP by Iron Bonehead of Germany. This pro-cdr version on Evildead is strictly in 200 copies existence. “Blasphemous Communion” is being what it is, a tolerable, to-the-point death Metal orgy, well-heeled on underground enthusiasm and integrity.

MORTUARY ANCESTOR "The Reincarnation"

MORTUARY ANCESTOR “The Reincarnation” (Evildead Production)
MORTUARY ANCESTOR is a well-versed name in the Sabah/Borneo scene, I might say so. It’s been a while that I’ve heard of anything from them. Along came this CD in the mail then. Here lies several tracks recorded on different occasions. What I’m hearing in this is some straight-up, honest death Metal in the tried and tested ancient formula, heavily leaning towards those prescribed by MORBID ANGEL (there’s even a cover of their song here), unmistakably so. I regret the muddy and crude recording quality though, it certainly affects my appreciativeness in a way or so. There should be more that I could have lashed out from this release, if only the productions could be a tad better. And if my memory serves me right, I’ve heard of a more inspired MORTUARY ANCESTOR before “The Reincarnation”, another fact that could be challenged given a better, proper production they definitely deserve. Only for the die-hards, “The Reincarnation” is.

Monday, July 6, 2009

BESTIAL HORDES / HEREAFTER "Street Metal Terrorist"

BESTIAL HORDES / HEREAFTER “Street Metal Terrorist” split
HEREAFTER presented here three tracks, totally raw rehearsal recording specifically done for this recording. For whatever reason they opted for rehearsal recording is beyond me. I’ve missed their previous outputs before, but what summed up from the tracks here they deliver some raging furious thrash Metal from the deepest bowels of the earth. Some quite solid, but standard and predictable underground thrash Metal served fukking raw. Thought HEREAFTER raw enough? Enter BESTIAL HORDES with another three tracks here. And they are even more uncontrollable. Get ready for some fukked-up shit here. Bestial sounding blackened thrash Metal seems to be the ingredients. BESTIAL HORDES are here to make it as ugly and disgusting as possible, and on most parts they seem to be able to do so. Just listen to the straight-forward simplicity and vile vocals. BESTIAL HORDES are here to annoy you, and if they succeed they’ll piss on you for fun. Just hoping that the lousy drumming of track three “Born In Fire” will be rectified though. It is so bad.

BILHARZIA "Mujjahid D' jannah"

BILHARZIA “Mujjahid D’ jannah” CD EP
With “Mujjahid D’ jannah”, I can safely say that one of the (if not THE) most ferocious Malaysian release ever to be witnessed should be this release by BILHARZIA. They made my job of deciphering them easy, simply because they do it so well. Expect to be pummeled by this excellent three pronged-attack of fast, precise, cunningly executed death Metal; any other fukking nonsense is crushed to dust. They rammed you up in no time, I kid you not. Just revel in the blitzkrieg, a pure pleasure, and whenever those breaks and intimidating solos rare their heads, they’re so… glorious. Important to mention is also the lyrics, sung entirely in Malay, thus becoming some of the meanest, hate-filled Malay songs ever to be devoured, being spit forth mercilessly. To top it all up, the cover art is plain ‘disturbing’. I couldn’t praise it enough, and certainly have no intention of licking up their asses. That is not the case entirely. It is just that good. THAT good. M.A.N.D.A.T.O.R.Y.