Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BESTIAL HORDES "Nuclear Metal Lust"

BESTIAL HORDES "Nuclear Metal Lust" (Evil Dead Production)
My second experience with these perverted psychos finally, and not sure whether it's a good sign or the opposite, I find "Nuclear Metal Lust" to be notches better than that split with HEREAFTER. One look at the cover and you will know what to expect, rightly deserving to say that it complements the release to the dot. Here are 5 tracks of rabid black thrashing Metal madness, and I emphasize on the word 'rabid' thoughtfully. These guys sound like they are in a hurry to bulldoze everything, or anything in front of them, ready to charge with nothing to spare. This sense of urgency is prevalent throughout the entire length, a union of souls focused on nothing else than bashing up some fucked up black thrash Metal fury. What about the drumming here then? Apparently it's way better than those on the split, thankfully, yet some kind of sloppiness are there to be heard on releases like these, which doesn't bother with tightness much apart from measuring the opening of the labias. Unlikely to find those fixated on the South American sounds to run away from this, seriously.