Monday, December 31, 2012

AJAL "Jahannarakah"

AJAL "Jahannarakah" (MTD Production / Eastern Voice Production)
"Jahannarakah" booklet says it all. Eastern black Metal. Loud and proud of it. Right even to the all-Malay lyrics. As the numbers of eastern black Metal bands has considerably wane a bit currently (though not that 'dwindling', I might say so), there will always be aspiring new bands more than ready to hold the banner. AJAL is one such band from the current crop. And considering the effort here, they might as well stay put rather than vanishing in the thin air. Though nothing hasn't been done before in "Jahannarakah", at least AJAL shows a great deal of having the knack to write decent songs. Gathering all that eastern black Metal has to offer via the conventional instruments, AJAL is aware enough of the importance of being focused in the song-writing. The songs don't fall into the 'dragged' trap that easily, they are aptly, justly finished before it is able to make its dreaded presence. The productions are being done roughly on purpose I guess, even if I did entertain the thought of hearing them being more properly produced. If you haven't had it enough with untouched, virgincunt eastern black Metal yet, "Jahannarakah" should be one of your prime source target. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

UNITHEISM "Behind The Cracked Idols"

UNITHEISM "Behind The Cracked Idols" (RDL Distro)
Yes, it is a 2009 release (I think). And yes, it was recorded in the year 2000. As you approach the review, it is wise to concur the local scenery back then and stride along with the words and lines. UNITHEISM was probably among the earlier generation of death/black Metal bands from the Sarawak scene, and if my rustic memories doesn't deludes me, they're not short of controversies and raised more than a few eyebrows during the years. This recording was 'frozen' due to circumstances, until RDL took charge and finally got it released. UNITHEISM is (probably) no more, so this is probably their last epitaph to the scene. "Behind The Cracked Idol" reeks and permeates all that is engulfing the Malaysian extreme Metal scene back then, the typical myriads of death and black Metal with that always distinct far eastern melodic caches. These darker ancient death Metal flirtatiously aggravated with black Metal charm, and concocting it the eastern way. UNITHEISM did concentrates more on the melodic side of it, as these 4 compositions shows. It is quite worthwhile at the time they were recorded, and on present days these will be quite, nostalgic. Not to say that it is extravagant, yet it would be totally wrong to just ignore it. It is perfect in the sense that this is how UNITHEISM was immersed in the musical landscapes of those times, and this is how they translate it with their music. It is essential for your own collection of local releases, and considering it has been years since it was released, do enquire to RDL in case they still have copies of it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

NEGATION "With His Own Eyes What The True Enemy Of Mind Is"

NEGATION "With His Own Eyes What The True Enemy Of Mind Is" (Grindpeace / Schizosound Records)
NEGATION, as they seems to be, have always being able to stay just under the radar. Whether it's a conscious move or not, that's not for me to determine. What matters is every time they came out with a material or so, you can't avoid to notice. The consistency of their standard, at least; is very well preserved. "With His Own Eyes What The True Enemy Of Mind Is" is the long awaited and well deserved full length from these long-standing grind assembly. And as long as the title itself, this album fairly demands long(er) praises. I dare not say that this is NEGATION at their finest, but it is considerably very close to that. Let's settle for them peaking at the right time, yez, that shall do it. This album is one monstrous, monolithic grinding effort. Evolving the edges squarely within the grind spectrum, yet the probing of other extreme Metal measures in the mix proves the point for NEGATION. I keen on likening the assault with the way the Czech Republic scene is doing it, but that is merely for those who needs comparison amongst you. NEGATION's grind is one that is ever shape-changing yet preserved well in the grind conundrum. This is a must for any grind freaks, or even for anyone who dwells in and yields unbriddled passion for the local scene. It is one prime speciment of extreme music documentations and a fine step of immortality in the history.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

VILTHRONE "The End Ov Nasrani"

VILTHRONE "The End Ov Nasrani" (Earblast Records)
VILTHRONE might be a rather new, recent band; but the personnel behind must have been engulfed with the underground Metal extremities for quite a while. This is to be confessed upon listening to "The End Ov Nasrani", the debut release from this, I'm quite sure; devastatingly emerging Malaysian black Metal act. Herein lies three precise desecration of European influenced fluid, sleek black Metal lacking none of its vital characters. The seamless flows and executions clearly indicates the vast abilities of the band members as I have suspected. There certainly is no need to be otherworldly or ever out-there to stand out from the herd if the essence is within the deeper conscience, for the channeling will be right where it ought to be. You already know what to expect, but you won't be complaining about it either. VILTHRONE decapitated all the right heads effortlessly. Even when they go for a bit of dirge like the second track, VILTHRONE confirms to the limits and the shards and shapes of their compositions are a landscape well endowed for them. Convincing and deadly. Herald the coming, as the sigil on the cover has warn you. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

MACARONI "A Gift For Corpse"

MACARONI "A Gift For Corpse" 
Thailand's death Metal band MACARONI unveiled their latest full length "A Gift For Corpse", which I think is a self-financed release. Had a brief encounter previously with the album "Cremation" before, but so brief that I can't decide on a logical conclusion for it. Courtesy of Grundar Production which is the official distributor for their albums in Malaysia, this well presented CD flew over into my battered player. MACARONI stands for death Metal, no doubt; but instead of bowing towards the brutal tenacity of the genre, they opted for the slower, mid-paced heaviness. The blast is there, but not as overpowering, so to say. They appear whenever the needs be, as MACARONI keeps the composition flows in check with heavy riffages more than anything else. They stop and start as the songs intended, and at times this distract my focus on the listening. Add up bits and pieces of creativity in the arrangements, then you will have a complete control of them. The productions aid the heaviness well indeed. And MACARONI did tries to make the journey varied, so to say. The duration is a bit too long for my senses, but perhaps those variations will help you on this. The Siamese growlings tend to appear exotic too. As I praise the heaviousity, I missed that hard hitting, spitting venom in your face kind of impact though.