Thursday, January 29, 2015

ANGUISH "Abstract Decomposition"

ANGUISH "Abstract Decomposition" MCD (Foundead)
Soldiering on with perseverance intact, Malaysia's very own ANGUISH puts out another slab of brutal-concocted soundscapes with "Abstract Decomposition". This mini-album, totally financed and released by the band's own Foundead label, proves to be the most challenging and adventurous outing for them to date. "Abstract...", while still delving in the soaked brutality that the band has grown accustomed to, sees the band branching itself a bit further into the unexplored territory and tapping on the vast potentials of expanding their musical horizons. There is lots (I mean LOTS), of interesting ideas here and there scattered out through the whole program that you can surely delve deeper if you could stay a bit longer. You wouldn't call this a straight up brutal death Metal release, it is brutal death Metal that is not shying away from mingling with other outwards musical anecdotes that will either makes you dizzying or found wanting, depending on what your aural observation state is. The comfort which has been found within the brutal death Metal allegory has been molested here with copulation of twisting influences, an action that equals 'progression' for the band if you may say so. Don't be surprised, you will find varying degrees of emotions and atmospheres within. However, one massive obstacle that you are forced to endure is the lukewarm production in it. It is certainly not deserving for the material as they require a more adequate one for the trickery to get heard of effectively. There is certainly much to savour within but the production just hamper it down a bit. Which is a bit of a loss to be frank since there's so much to be dug out here. I wish the band a better production next time around, there are endless possibilities to their music, let it finally presented in the manner it really deserves. Nice presentation of the MCD in elastic 'Anguish' pouch.