Sunday, June 23, 2013

ANGIST "Circle Of Suffering", PATRIA "Faithless" tapes out now

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BLASPHMACHINE "hell : demo"

BLASPHMACHINE "hell : demo"
I think Kelantan has become the deathbed for some seriously fukked up and intense bestial black death exploits. Enter BLASPHMACHINE which, with their "hell : demo" provide the scene with probably one of the most unrelenting bestialised release so far. This, and the DARKREGIME demo, unleashed the fury of the Kelantanese scene, a pattern of which remains to be seen whether it will keep on the savagery or pointing towards another direction. This tape is so full of anger, there is nothing else to be felt upon listening. It's hate, hate, hate evaporating all over it. It's a single-minded aim for the kill. It is that singular and focused. Such is to the point that these 3 tracks seems like one sole opus divided into three parts, and with one single mission, which is to maim and crush. They're very similar and closely connected to each other. Whether this formula does it again for their longer playing release, we have to wait on that. It's a waste of time if you're looking for adventurous listening here ( I'd welcome a little, just very little, BLASPHMACHINE), this is geared to the final ratio of absurdity. I suggest you get the CDr version of it, my tape got chewed quite a bit by the player ("Sincere Musical Trading" cassette tape used, where the hell did they get this tape, which totally fails in quality, haha).

DEATHEVOKER "Towards Nothingness"

DEATHEVOKER "Towards Nothingness" (Envenometal Records)
"Towards Nothingness" is basically can be divided into two parts. The first 3 songs are totally the "Towards Nothingness" demo 2013 session, and the later 4 is taken from their demo 2012 "Eternally Rot" with new mix. I can understand why Envenometal decided to release them in this pro CD format, DEATHEVOKER is currently one of the more honest and straight blatant old school death Metal worship from the local scene. One tone of the guitars rumble, you already know they're nodding towards the filthy sides of Sweden. That crunching, menacing unmistakable tone. These 7 songs here are all that, the only way to divide them might be the more enveloped, fuller sound of the newer tracks of "Towards Nothingness", as "Eternally Rot" already confirming the band's damned destiny. I could use a little more shapes and moulds in DEATHEVOKER materials though, the vocals could be a bit more imaginative, the drums could be a little more tighter, blablabla;  perhaps a bit too straightforward and going by the ruler rigidly at times, but "Towards Nothingness" is good enough if you need some rotting death Metal with less of a headache to tinker with the instrumentations. Just let it ro(t)ll. Ahh, with a fitting artworks nevertheless.

JUGRA "Promo 01"

JUGRA "Promo 01"
Infusing RAC and Oi! nuances into the Metal frame is what JUGRA came out with in this "Promo 01", probably their first release to the masses whilst limiting it to 30 promo pieces as the cover suggests. Well, it should be an announcement of their arrival, methinks. As RAC synonymously stands for, you know what the image and stand of the band would be like, and while this review is entirely focused on the musical materials, it is nice to slot in some inherent informations as well. An intro and two songs here is predominantly rock soaked street Metal kind of, always dependent on the trusty 3-chords ingredients of the Oi! and punk genres, with the always conscious decision to have that remarkable own identity, portrayed with the always existing eastern Metal characters in the music. Sharp, short, simple, to-the-point kind of music, with more than once of thoughts that these might be aimed more towards the band's own circle, something that if you wish to find out more, could be directed to the band's contact. Musically speaking this could attain the interest of the punkish crowd as well, and metal maniacs who like it simple and not short of rocking tendency.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NARROW002 and NARROW005 out now

NEKROMANTHEON "Rise, Vulcan Spectre" (NARROW002) and CONDOR "Speedwagon" (NARROW005) out now from NARROWARDS

more info at:

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NECROMATION "Extinction and Wretchedry"

NECROMATION "Extinction and Wretchedry" EP CDr (Earblast Records)
Another ultra fine death Metal release from Sabah, it is getting better and better with every releases coming out. NECROMATION stands for stout death Metal worship, mostly in the US kind of brutality, and they will remain in it forever. And I don't see any objection on that, since what we have here in "Extinction..." is just some loyal death Metal offerings done the right way with no other peculiar intention. Nothing goes far beyond the tenacity of, let say; CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE and SUFFOCATION, in the whole proceeding. And they needn't to, the intention is clear and the execution is justified. They do it rock solid, you wouldn't ask for anything else, just stay in that cocoon forever if the quality is to be preserved. "Extinction and Wretchedry" is highly recommended for that 'you know what to expect but you will still enjoy it' kind of listening. On the right (left) path indeed, NECROMATION. And keep on trodding it all the way. Keep it coming. Here's some no nonsense death Metal for you. Like I said; solid in an established blueprint. Fukk maybe I need to push that play button again.

Friday, March 29, 2013

TRIUMPH OV FIRE "In The Name Of Black Principle"

TRIUMPH OV FIRE "In The Name Of Black Principle" CDr (Trooper Art Regime Distro)
I finally managed to obtain this, as the name has somewhat been thrown around quite a bit, reasons of which I have no interest to plough into. Notoriously known as master of dissing controversies as I am, haha, let's delve into what they have to offer right away then. "In The Name Of Black Principle" is porously can be classified as melodic black Metal, and please emphasize the word 'MELODIC' in bold. They make full use of the keyboardist here, quite an important instrument for T.O.F to tell you the truth, it does create the atmospheres. And by listening to this I can fully understand why they're able to generate the crowd interest whenever they play live, their 'melodic-ness' is closely resembles those of Malay rock balladry, things that can only be understood if you live and breathe the local music scene of Malaysia. This will result in instant chemistry for the more open, on-the-fence type of listeners, thus the familiarity will become at ease. Catchy melodic-soaked black Metal with an unmistakable local rock flavour, will you accept that kind of tepid description? Ok then, maybe with a bit of tendency on the widely accepted modern melodic black Metal these days, DIMMU BORGIR et al. Colourful, plentiful Malaysian scene.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

KREMATION "Let Them Hate And Fear!!"

KREMATION "Let Them Hate And Fear!!" Promo 2011 (Eastern Voice Production)
KREMATION is a household name in the Sarawak Metal scene. Probably one of the earliest death Metal bands from that part of proud Malaysia. I won't go into such reminiscent of their history, as I think there're plentiful out there to be found. This 2011 Promo finally damaging my ears in 2013, nothing to blame on except on myself as to why it is taking that long indeed. Right from the start it is clear that KREMATION is aiming for total punishment. The two songs here are fast death Metal with very little to let off. If you judge it for the punishing level alone, then it serves its purpose here. Recorded probably as a two-piece outfit with the aide of the ever static drum-programming, some instance of playing catching-up with the latter instrumentation is pretty obvious to my ears, and that is probably what prevails most if you wish to nag on things here. And on parts things seem to go a bit too overboard while showcasing their apt musical capabilities, where the compositions will then flew over your ears like there're nothing to be attentive about. KREMATION should (must?) find a decent human drummer, I bet there're lots of talents there in Sarawak ready to be armed and go berzerk with their annihilating death Metal rammifications. And then, perhaps, we could witness one of the deadliest Sarawak death Metal release, ever.

Monday, March 11, 2013

HAFYUKAL "Amalan Pemandian Keris"

HAFYUKAL "Amalan Pemandian Keris" Promo 2012
This promo is limited to 33 copies, and I got the copy numbered 01. HAFYUKAL is (most probably) a project by the member(s) of AJAL (excuse me if I'm wrong on this, just my own pure speculation), and as such, as witnessed with the sole song herein, still retains that stubbornness on eastern Metal. However it is not that hard to differentiate both, since HAFYUKAL is clearly more melodic and less black. It is more like some eastern melodic dark death Metal doses, and with a title as such, rest assured that they praise nothing but the pride and valour of the eastern ancestors. TASYIM, now you got another assuring companion here, haha. The black Metal traits is not entirely cleansed however, especially in the way the vocals are delivered. Drums programming are utilised I think, and while not being a fan of those, I do think that they could be arranged tighter though. Why not a full blown complete line-up band then? It is not bad, but not exactly mindblowing too. I await the next releases, with a couple had already been planned if I'm not mistaken.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

JAHILIYYAH "Aiyyame Jahiliyyah"

JAHILIYYAH "Aiyyame Jahiliyyah" CDr (MTD Production)
JAHILIYYAH is another venture of the guy from ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON, and while E.A is nodding towards the melodic blackened side of Metal, JAHILIYYAH confronts the death-lier ventures of it. Being death Metal infested as it is, "Aiyyame..." is plodding through the darker realm of the untouchable genre, and I am not to be surprised if it is in fact digested through the current death Metal concurrence of the day, where there always be flirtations on the borders between death and black Metal. It has its moments here, where the arrangements are pretty engaging and somewhat feels 'just', in fact some passages are seriously tact and interesting. Some straying is still unavoidable, unfortunately, where you seems to lost the focus in listening to it. I have no reservation that JAHILIYYAH could only get better, in fact I do think this sounds better than ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON. It's just this one thing that bugs me: that annoying drums sound. I am almost sure that there is actually no 'real' drums in here, just programming or some sort of it. So... plasticky, and numbingly sterile. This is the case with ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON too, I'm afraid. Just get rid of that awful drums production, please. This Malaysia edition is limited to 66 copies.