Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SICKNESS "Necrosymphonies of Necropsy"

SICKNESS "Necrosymphonies of Necropsy" (Grundar Productions)
One look, just one look at the cover and you might have guessed it right where SICKNESS adhered to inspirational-wise, haha. After so many years lurking in the underground, amassing countless of releases, I am quite positive that this is their first proper full length output ever. Thanks to the hardworking guys of Grundar Productions there has been a healthy run of releases of local acts in the grind/death territory, let's just hope that will continue as long as it takes. And while the cover might reminds you of a certain legendary act, the similarities stops there, I reckon. While there's still some reminisce they're all that miniscule. And with SICKNESS, expect nothing else than prescribed. formulaic good old grind death forte being served on your palatable plate. The only qualms I have with "Necrosymphonies..." is the seemingly weak productions for such a hard hitting musical direction. I don't know it if my ears are deceiving me as ages go by, but every time I am listening to this I always weighing in on the possibilities of a fuller, more pronounced production for it, and what it could do to the album instead. Any seasoned or conscious musicians in some of you might argue that it needs some kind of more 'layers' to the recording to make it sounds more menacing sort-of, but as a listener I know nothing but the quest for eargasm with anything I listen, and "Necrosymphonies..." falls short on that aspect. I even found their split with DAMOKIS to be more ferocious than this, that is certain. The average death grind freaks might have no issues on this, so just take it as it is. I have absolutely no question on the band's abilities, they've been doing it since some of you are still wearing diapers and suckling on momma's tits, I just think that a band with such a stature deserves a far better recording results.


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