Friday, March 27, 2009

Back from the dead? Never been alive actually...

Find out everything about RANDOM here. So what the fukk is RANDOM then? For those in the know, and bother enough to know, RANDOM is(was?) an independent underground fanzine from Malaysia, in existence since the year 1996 to say the very least. After the fifth issue was released in 2003, it was pre-meditatedly left in a dormant state as it is until today. So why bother creating this blog then? It is intended to be the only official channelling of morbid RANDOMness, should these rare occasion occurs, these days. It is also intended to be the definite information dughole for everything concerning RANDOM for those with the slightest interest on it, and yez, as some sort of an archive of the featured artefacts in RANDOM from issue#1 until #5. These will be the prominent features of this bloggerized profanity, at least that is what it is intended to be.
RANDOM is strictly Metal-inclined, and everything else in between.

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