Thursday, February 25, 2010

MANTAK "Diabolical Psycholust"

MANTAK "Diabolical Psycholust" (Chalice of Blood Angel)
Numerous EPs and splits aside, I'm really sure that this is only the third full length of Borneo overlords MANTAK. To put "Diabolical..."side-by-side, say, with the first long player "Polymorphous Perversion", stark enhancements can easily be found. But if you follow them close enough with those EPs and such, you get the scenario quite well. "Polymorphous..." is thick with eastern extreme Metal characteristics, "Diabolical..." is the continuation of the direction shown in its predecessor the "666" MCD/EP. A harsher, faster, hornier, to-the-point MANTAK without so much of the alienating, mechanised drive of "Sabahell's Blasphemer", their second album. In "Diabolical...", it can also be seen as some sort of a MANTAK grab-bag. There are some reworkings of old songs, thus a blurred polarity between the present sound and the not too distant past are bridged. I do find the production a bit tame compared to "666", it's a bit controlled so to speak. No mistake it's MANTAK in and out though, the sexually-driven extreme Metal perverts from Sabah, Malaysia. That cover of BLACK SABBATH 'Paranoid' is unbearable. Old Cemetery Records for the CD version, Chalice of Blood Angel Records for the LP, and Evildead Production for the tape.

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