Thursday, July 29, 2010


A compilation of the bands within the Darah & Maruah PST (sorry, I know shit about it, so don't ask). Again, this is a promotional compilation and is not for sale. Six bands all in all, namely VETIS, DEXEKRATORS, STEEL CRESCENT, WRAITH, MARUAH, and CHAINS. Ok, the bad sound will affect my review nevertheless, it's important to not that. I found DEXEKRATORS, VETIS sound a bit similar to each other, VETIS being more 'thrash' while DEXEKRATORS has this 'bestial' vibe going on. STEEL CRESCENT is a heavy Metal band that stays generic and ordinary-sounding. MARUAH is a kind of punk/oi! band with penchant for heavy Metal-ness. CHAINS are blessed with the better production here, and they're thrash as predictable as it could be. WRAITH presents a cover song, so I couldn't be assuming just by that, isn't it? It takes more that this Promo for me to make a properly thorough listening. This is not enough for now.

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