Monday, December 31, 2012

AJAL "Jahannarakah"

AJAL "Jahannarakah" (MTD Production / Eastern Voice Production)
"Jahannarakah" booklet says it all. Eastern black Metal. Loud and proud of it. Right even to the all-Malay lyrics. As the numbers of eastern black Metal bands has considerably wane a bit currently (though not that 'dwindling', I might say so), there will always be aspiring new bands more than ready to hold the banner. AJAL is one such band from the current crop. And considering the effort here, they might as well stay put rather than vanishing in the thin air. Though nothing hasn't been done before in "Jahannarakah", at least AJAL shows a great deal of having the knack to write decent songs. Gathering all that eastern black Metal has to offer via the conventional instruments, AJAL is aware enough of the importance of being focused in the song-writing. The songs don't fall into the 'dragged' trap that easily, they are aptly, justly finished before it is able to make its dreaded presence. The productions are being done roughly on purpose I guess, even if I did entertain the thought of hearing them being more properly produced. If you haven't had it enough with untouched, virgincunt eastern black Metal yet, "Jahannarakah" should be one of your prime source target. 

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