Friday, December 28, 2012

UNITHEISM "Behind The Cracked Idols"

UNITHEISM "Behind The Cracked Idols" (RDL Distro)
Yes, it is a 2009 release (I think). And yes, it was recorded in the year 2000. As you approach the review, it is wise to concur the local scenery back then and stride along with the words and lines. UNITHEISM was probably among the earlier generation of death/black Metal bands from the Sarawak scene, and if my rustic memories doesn't deludes me, they're not short of controversies and raised more than a few eyebrows during the years. This recording was 'frozen' due to circumstances, until RDL took charge and finally got it released. UNITHEISM is (probably) no more, so this is probably their last epitaph to the scene. "Behind The Cracked Idol" reeks and permeates all that is engulfing the Malaysian extreme Metal scene back then, the typical myriads of death and black Metal with that always distinct far eastern melodic caches. These darker ancient death Metal flirtatiously aggravated with black Metal charm, and concocting it the eastern way. UNITHEISM did concentrates more on the melodic side of it, as these 4 compositions shows. It is quite worthwhile at the time they were recorded, and on present days these will be quite, nostalgic. Not to say that it is extravagant, yet it would be totally wrong to just ignore it. It is perfect in the sense that this is how UNITHEISM was immersed in the musical landscapes of those times, and this is how they translate it with their music. It is essential for your own collection of local releases, and considering it has been years since it was released, do enquire to RDL in case they still have copies of it.

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