Wednesday, December 26, 2012

NEGATION "With His Own Eyes What The True Enemy Of Mind Is"

NEGATION "With His Own Eyes What The True Enemy Of Mind Is" (Grindpeace / Schizosound Records)
NEGATION, as they seems to be, have always being able to stay just under the radar. Whether it's a conscious move or not, that's not for me to determine. What matters is every time they came out with a material or so, you can't avoid to notice. The consistency of their standard, at least; is very well preserved. "With His Own Eyes What The True Enemy Of Mind Is" is the long awaited and well deserved full length from these long-standing grind assembly. And as long as the title itself, this album fairly demands long(er) praises. I dare not say that this is NEGATION at their finest, but it is considerably very close to that. Let's settle for them peaking at the right time, yez, that shall do it. This album is one monstrous, monolithic grinding effort. Evolving the edges squarely within the grind spectrum, yet the probing of other extreme Metal measures in the mix proves the point for NEGATION. I keen on likening the assault with the way the Czech Republic scene is doing it, but that is merely for those who needs comparison amongst you. NEGATION's grind is one that is ever shape-changing yet preserved well in the grind conundrum. This is a must for any grind freaks, or even for anyone who dwells in and yields unbriddled passion for the local scene. It is one prime speciment of extreme music documentations and a fine step of immortality in the history.

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