Monday, March 11, 2013

HAFYUKAL "Amalan Pemandian Keris"

HAFYUKAL "Amalan Pemandian Keris" Promo 2012
This promo is limited to 33 copies, and I got the copy numbered 01. HAFYUKAL is (most probably) a project by the member(s) of AJAL (excuse me if I'm wrong on this, just my own pure speculation), and as such, as witnessed with the sole song herein, still retains that stubbornness on eastern Metal. However it is not that hard to differentiate both, since HAFYUKAL is clearly more melodic and less black. It is more like some eastern melodic dark death Metal doses, and with a title as such, rest assured that they praise nothing but the pride and valour of the eastern ancestors. TASYIM, now you got another assuring companion here, haha. The black Metal traits is not entirely cleansed however, especially in the way the vocals are delivered. Drums programming are utilised I think, and while not being a fan of those, I do think that they could be arranged tighter though. Why not a full blown complete line-up band then? It is not bad, but not exactly mindblowing too. I await the next releases, with a couple had already been planned if I'm not mistaken.

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