Thursday, March 14, 2013

KREMATION "Let Them Hate And Fear!!"

KREMATION "Let Them Hate And Fear!!" Promo 2011 (Eastern Voice Production)
KREMATION is a household name in the Sarawak Metal scene. Probably one of the earliest death Metal bands from that part of proud Malaysia. I won't go into such reminiscent of their history, as I think there're plentiful out there to be found. This 2011 Promo finally damaging my ears in 2013, nothing to blame on except on myself as to why it is taking that long indeed. Right from the start it is clear that KREMATION is aiming for total punishment. The two songs here are fast death Metal with very little to let off. If you judge it for the punishing level alone, then it serves its purpose here. Recorded probably as a two-piece outfit with the aide of the ever static drum-programming, some instance of playing catching-up with the latter instrumentation is pretty obvious to my ears, and that is probably what prevails most if you wish to nag on things here. And on parts things seem to go a bit too overboard while showcasing their apt musical capabilities, where the compositions will then flew over your ears like there're nothing to be attentive about. KREMATION should (must?) find a decent human drummer, I bet there're lots of talents there in Sarawak ready to be armed and go berzerk with their annihilating death Metal rammifications. And then, perhaps, we could witness one of the deadliest Sarawak death Metal release, ever.

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