Thursday, March 7, 2013

JAHILIYYAH "Aiyyame Jahiliyyah"

JAHILIYYAH "Aiyyame Jahiliyyah" CDr (MTD Production)
JAHILIYYAH is another venture of the guy from ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON, and while E.A is nodding towards the melodic blackened side of Metal, JAHILIYYAH confronts the death-lier ventures of it. Being death Metal infested as it is, "Aiyyame..." is plodding through the darker realm of the untouchable genre, and I am not to be surprised if it is in fact digested through the current death Metal concurrence of the day, where there always be flirtations on the borders between death and black Metal. It has its moments here, where the arrangements are pretty engaging and somewhat feels 'just', in fact some passages are seriously tact and interesting. Some straying is still unavoidable, unfortunately, where you seems to lost the focus in listening to it. I have no reservation that JAHILIYYAH could only get better, in fact I do think this sounds better than ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON. It's just this one thing that bugs me: that annoying drums sound. I am almost sure that there is actually no 'real' drums in here, just programming or some sort of it. So... plasticky, and numbingly sterile. This is the case with ETERNAL ARMAGEDDON too, I'm afraid. Just get rid of that awful drums production, please. This Malaysia edition is limited to 66 copies.

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