Thursday, July 30, 2009

ATOMICDEATH "Missile Massacre"

ATOMICDEATH “Missile Massacre” cassette EP (Black Konflik Records)
What will happen if a crust and a black Metal band confines in each other and having a mutual butt-fest? Enter ATOMICDEATH, and the fornication spells only one word, ‘thrash’. Fukking ‘thrash’. Made up of members from APPARATUS(crust) and D.C.A(black Metal); the cassette only release “Missile Masacre” became a fierce destruction of stripped-down raw meat-style no-nonsense total thrash Metal approach. These 5 tracks are pure bastards of good ol’ thrash Metal whoreship, more then once the fondness for Araya and co. are shamelessly emulated therein. ATOMICDEATH are short, sharp, straight and to-the-point. Guitar solos are kept at a minimum, but what the fukk, here it’s thrash approached crustifully yours. So the aptness for simplicity and raw energy are here to stay. Solid.
Black Konflik Records, PO Box 28, 27600 Raub, Pahang, Malaysia

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