Friday, July 10, 2009

PATHOGEN "Blasphemous Communion"

PATHOGEN “Blasphemous Communion” (Evildead Production)
Yet another MORBID ANGEL-infested death Metal slugfest on the offering. Throw in some other various influences from the untainted real death Metal sounds, and Philippines’ very own PATHOGEN executes their duty, and things are more deservingly interpreted this time around. It is well-played, decently produced, so all that’s to be expected are all here; just to put everything presented in one crammed sentence. Reasons good enough seeing this being released in various formats, including on LP by Iron Bonehead of Germany. This pro-cdr version on Evildead is strictly in 200 copies existence. “Blasphemous Communion” is being what it is, a tolerable, to-the-point death Metal orgy, well-heeled on underground enthusiasm and integrity.

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