Monday, July 13, 2009

ISTIDRAJ "Blasphemized Perversion"

ISTIDRAJ “Blasphemized Perversion” MCD (Bidadari Desecrators Legion Records)
Anyone who is familiar already with ISTIDRAJ; I can tell you this: nothing else is to be found here except a polished ISTIDRAJ. This is applicable if their earlier releases are to be taken into considerations. Here’s how to put it in perspective: the ISTIDRAJ of today are more straight-forward/direct, for instance those so-called melodic-ness are still there, but they’re being done in a much more aggressive, direct way. To pin-point their sound, I’d prefer this: European black Metal-influenced, yet there’s still that certain touch of eastern black Metal that wouldn’t just let them go; and several nods to the more traditional thrash and black Metal sounds. Far from being groundbreaking, yes; but to regard “Blasphemized Perversion” as a worthless release is not the point either. This is a good 10-minutes plus of, err, perversion, I’d prefer a longer duration of ISTIDRAJ though. Hats off for the great cover-photo, I have a soft spot for these kind of ‘em, hehe. Ah, and a decent cover-version of VON “Satanic Blood” anyway. Bidadari Desecrators? A true BLASPHEMY/Ross Bay Cult homage eh. Whatever, nice cover-photo. Great cover-photo. Shit, I can’t stop.

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