Monday, July 13, 2009

ATHOTORGH "Promaster Dieyana"

ATHOTORGH “Promaster Dieyana” LP (Gempita Records/Morbid Invasion Rex)
Sure, this is an old one. But seeing how good this is, and considering the fact that it’s the first ever vinyl release by local labels, and of course for the unreleased “Einchfriekel” track, why not we reminisce a bit eh? “Promaster Dieyana”, being a 12 years old release done by Ultra Hingax Productions, still retains its title as the definite Malaysian thrash Metal assault ever, undoubtedly due to ATHOTORGH’s enviable penchant of writing catchy-as-fukk pure adrenaline-driven underground thrash Metal the Malaysian way. It is all in its entire glory here, immortalized in pure black wax. I have to praise the labels involved for opting to have it all in 45rpm speed, the tracks are screaming for it. Talking about “Einchfriekel”, this unreleased recently recorded track shows ATHOTORGH in a more direct approach, very to-the-point aggressiveness feel in it with the structures are leaning more on the speed Metal appetite; then being thrashed, ATHOTORGH-style, at will. One thing for sure, they never lose their extremelyfrustratinglybrilliant catchiness. ATHOTORGH will always be ATHOTORGH. The presentation itself is overwhelming in a certain way. Included is a 20-page A5-sized booklet reeking with ATHOTORGH-ness and a poster. Apart from minor fault like spelling mistakes (“Einchfriekel” spelling on the sleeve and the centre-label, for example), it is all a job done right, a labour of love shining bright, huhuhu. A well-deserving tribute to one of a kind Malaysian band. This is a piece of Malaysian underground Metal scene history. Limited to 250 copies.

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