Monday, July 6, 2009

BESTIAL HORDES / HEREAFTER "Street Metal Terrorist"

BESTIAL HORDES / HEREAFTER “Street Metal Terrorist” split
HEREAFTER presented here three tracks, totally raw rehearsal recording specifically done for this recording. For whatever reason they opted for rehearsal recording is beyond me. I’ve missed their previous outputs before, but what summed up from the tracks here they deliver some raging furious thrash Metal from the deepest bowels of the earth. Some quite solid, but standard and predictable underground thrash Metal served fukking raw. Thought HEREAFTER raw enough? Enter BESTIAL HORDES with another three tracks here. And they are even more uncontrollable. Get ready for some fukked-up shit here. Bestial sounding blackened thrash Metal seems to be the ingredients. BESTIAL HORDES are here to make it as ugly and disgusting as possible, and on most parts they seem to be able to do so. Just listen to the straight-forward simplicity and vile vocals. BESTIAL HORDES are here to annoy you, and if they succeed they’ll piss on you for fun. Just hoping that the lousy drumming of track three “Born In Fire” will be rectified though. It is so bad.

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