Wednesday, April 1, 2009

MANTAK "666"

MANTAK '666' mcd (Evil Dead Production)
These rusty hands, they're itching; they've got to work... just waiting for the right moment to strike. Receiving a package from Mantak of this MCD prompts just that. I have to admit that Mantak's releases are somewhat a 'hit n miss' affair to me, and this include their full length "Sabahell's Blasphemers" released by Drakkar (I believe this is the very first proper album release of a Malaysian black/death Metal band by a European label, licensing deals and shit are not in context here), not to forget their numerous EP and split EP releases. "666" might be a hint that my perceiveness towards Mantak will be heading to a slightly different view, a very positive one that is. This MCD delivers two original compositions that equals no bullshit, unrelenting blackened Metal torment with bullet-belt precision thrashy riff-o-rama. The formula would be blasting, fast attacks followed by heavy, meaty hooks and breaks; or the other way around. This is evident in both of the tracks, 'Antichrist 666' and 'Hellfernal Blasphemies'; both grins fast blackened thrash copulation from teeth to teeth with pride. These two are then continued with two cover songs, 'Electric Funeral'(Black Sabbath) and 'Alcohol'(Tankard), delivered in yours truly Mantak mould, leaving little else to complain. If the minimal ingredients are just right and there's a definite way to mix it up, then why bother fouling it with anything unwanted for. Mantak did just that, and they did it well in this MCD. Couple that up with an admirable production soundwise ever to be heard from a Malaysian release, I just hope the local scene could do some catching up with this. Respect is due, respect shall be given.

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