Thursday, April 2, 2009


Never been an avid fan of tribute albums, but I can safely say that this is the first tribute album for a Malaysian band that's rooted from the very underground scene. Any one with the slightest interest for the underground, especially the southeast Asian scene must've heard of Sil Khannaz in one way or another, so whether it's merit enough for a tribute album is a question that I'll leave you to decide. The guys from North Poem Records(NPR) certainly think so, with 12 Malaysian and Indonesian bands gathered and collectively paying homage here. Gibraltar from Indonesia serves up their own rendition of 'Gerbang Kayangan', taking it into a more atmospheric vibe with their keyboards-driven interpretation. Lousy female vocals are around, but everything else is job considered done. 'Legion of the Damned' by Morggrom is being given the deathrash treatment here, never losing its aggressiveness although with a different throat and lung approach. Trauma's 'Beyond My Darkest Moment' is one of the more interesting here, if you're familiar with their own materials you could hear that it's covered by them as if it's their own song, groove-heavy NY-inspired brutal death Metal from Indonesia. Not that familiar with Cassarah, I'm not that excited with their take of 'Santapan Terakhir Raja Bersiong', though they did incorporate some of their own touch there. Dislocated Cerebrum gives a brutal treatment to 'Debauch Absorption', and Corporation of Bleeding took it a step further, putrid version of 'Obscured Denial' is their offer. Of all the bands here, Ephemeral stands out for being the only one covering song from Sil Khannaz last output of late with 'Intravena Tantrika', and managed to turn it into a proper death Metal song with a twist due to the progressive nature of the original. More Indonesian brutal death to come, this time it's Homicide's turn on 'Frantical Scream'. 'Kiss of the Whisper' by Ensemble of Silence is staying true to the original, albeit sounding a little shallow. In Torment sounds convincingly enough with their own rendition of 'Sinner Burning Without Humanity', but that's not a problem with Cafergot; since that 'Pendita Gila' had never sounded this vile as they did it. Kharabanazak finishes it up with a simple, loyal homage of 'Catatonia', complete with a production taken straight from their smelly practice room. Every band sounds terribly honest with their contribution here, but what's more important is NPR's dedication in releasing it. Problems aside (misprinted booklet, lack of support, and so forth), they did manage releasing it. Although the layout is nothing to be proud of, there's plenty to read therein chronicling 20 years of Sil Khannaz lunacy.


  1. salidos desde el peru no se si tendras la contra portada de este cd mas hace tiempo me lo perdiero y lo nececito