Thursday, April 2, 2009

CLAW "Summoning The Darkness"

CLAW "Summoning The Darkness" (Morbid Invasion Rex)
Does 2009 promises the prominence of 'rawness' in the local scene? We shall see about that. "Summoning The Darkness" is another one that delves into the deeper evil of raw black Metal. Again the word 'raw' is gladly utilised here, such is that it's even portrayed by their proud statement that this is a recording from various rehearsal sessions, recorded as-it-is without proper tracking, mixing, etc straight into their minidisk recorder without shame. And I have to admit that it does sound audible enough considering their bedroom, toilet, or whatever approach, hah. And still under this primitive, primal objectivity therein lies structures and fragments of compositions that shows their strength. Just excuse the 'sometimes the drums are louder, sometimes the bass should be more upfront, blablabla' etc. Apart from that expect nothing but raw black Metal on the pallette. Claw does sounds icy, freezing on most of the parts. Quite often they reminds me of Thy Grief from Norway. Not hard for me to imagine Claw and Neftaraka hugging, kissing, and fondling each other to symbolise Malaysian raw black Metal scenery though, hehe. Eagerly awaiting what's more to come from them. And count the word 'raw' here, please.

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