Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NIGHTMARE "Demo(niac)"

NIGHTMARE "Demo(niac)"
If the band’s own description of ‘necrowicked raw symphonic black Metal’ baffles you, here I am to help things a bit. “Demo(niac)” is actually a straight eastern blackened Metal affair. The structures, the riffs; all are pointing unashamedly towards that direction. Which brings a smile to my face since I’ve thought that after all these years, there must be some ‘shifting’ going on in the local scene in terms of musical approach. Or maybe I’m wrong, being an ignorant scene onlookers I am, heh. Something proved by an offering like “Demo(niac)”, which take me down to the mid-90’s of the local scene, when releases from the local scene will almost surely guarantee you this kind of musick-ness even before you push the ‘play’ button. But hell, eastern Metal still has its own charm. Just ask those diehard ‘exotic’ Metal freaks all over the world. NIGHTMARE here produced it the usual Malaysian way. They even took ‘catchiness’ to the hilt with “Nightmare… Perjuangan 12 Tahun” here (locals, remember DARK NIRRAJIM’s “Perjanjian Syaitan”? You got a clear, mega-pixelated view there, hehe). If you’re familiar with ‘eastern’ Metal, then expect what is to be expected.

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