Thursday, April 2, 2009


NEFTARAKA "Raw Ist Law" (kvlt666 produktion)
Fukk, this is true 'Black Metal Hutan'. This is Malaysian Forest Black Metal. Heart and soul. Minimalist raw black Metal stripped bare into its hideous charm. I dare not adding much, for this is just what it aims to be. References of early Darkthrone and the likes are just mere references, Neftaraka is more than able to hold unto its own. The production is just right for their hymns, a fact I very much applaud since that I'm from the 'raw doesn't mean shit-sounding turds' Front. Embrace the charm of our own deep, damp, hideous forest. Its prowess are endless. Just let Neftaraka shows you a glimpse or two. Don't ever come out of there Neftaraka, we need more of these. Damn you.

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  1. it true!!fuckin "bmh"...waiting next assault!!