Wednesday, April 22, 2009

VORMIT "Life Is Your Enemy"

VORMIT “Life Is Your Enemy” (Eastern Voice Productions)
Just one full listen is all that is needed to uncover the roots of this release: it’s NAPALM DEATH in their deathgrind era (“Mentally Murdered”, “Harmony Corruption”,et al, got it?). Though that is not surprising, VORMIT has been around for quite a while, and I’m sure there must be some demos released prior to this if my memory serves me right. As mentioned, “Life Is Your Enemy” is a nice homage to those years of NAPALM DEATH, nothing is being left out here. And as far as Sarawak’s deathgrind bands are concerned, I don’t see any other as accomplished as VORMIT at the moment. Just several hiccups though. This kind of record needs that powerful, to-the-front production for that full blown impact, a fact unfulfilled due to the production result seems to be somewhat muffled, and I’m not certain what causing this nor I can tolerate why the band agreed on it to be released. There must be something that could be done with it. And of course, some songs are being dragged a bit too long for its own good, distractions during listening are hard to avoid. Everything else is just enough methinks.

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