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Interview with AS SAHAR in Issue#1, 1996

This one is pure nostalgic. It’s the very first ever interview I’ve initiated, and until these days I’m always proud of the fact that my consciousness those days resulted in the decision to choose AS SAHAR as the one to begin it all with. It’s not that exaggerating to call them as pioneers of what to be known as ‘Eastern black Metal’, spawning countless goatherds especially from the southeast Asian underground Metal scene. “Santau/Meditation Embun Pagi” will remains as the definite artifact and blueprint of eastern black Metal supremacy, not to be surpassed, ever. Take note that as this is my first interview, marked progression are to be encountered throughout the years. This is AS SAHAR in their most notorious and splendorous years, don’t let it skip through your memory!
Well! I guess this band needs no introduction at all. They are one of the most promising black Metal bands ever unleashed from the scene. Formed in late ’87 they have progressed since that to become what they are today. I don’t want to bore you anymore, so let’s go straight to the interview!!!
Darkest gratitude to you! Who’s answering this interview and how’s your day?
As usual it’s One Barchiel Dukunnashiheir, - Infernal Warrior of The eastern Skies, answering on behalf of all As Saharians.. It’s been great today, ‘coz there’s not much work during the day. It’s been one whole day of journey beyond dreams where I encountered paradise – In sperma-spilt melodramatic ecstasy with some familiar faces and sighings…
What would be your opening chant?
Uriel has been playing with AS SAHAR since the early days. Could you tell us why he left the band?
Uriel had always wanted to lead a normal life as a married-man… This is even so even before “Meditation Embun Pagi” EP was recorded. We managed to make him stayed around for a while till that EP is released. Interference from his swined mother who accused us of restricting Uriel’s freedom (that is to go back on his religious paths and create a family) had got me fucking sick!! It is mainly because of his bastard mom that he left AS SAHAR… his dreams was to be a filial and obedient son!! Can you imagine, after a 7 and a half years stint with AS SAHAR, he left just like that… He’s a goddamned-fucken-weak-mortal-Moslem!!! We never blessed whatever he is doing now and I will personally find ways to destroy his family!
Is it true that one of you works as a police officer in the Singapore Police Force?
Yeah… it’s me. But don’t get me wrong, ‘coz I’m not full 100% part of the Police Force as I am actually into this uniform shit due to National Service. I’ve got something like 10 months more to serve this “freedom-ripped-off” shit… It’s really fucked up to do National Service, the work is so much while the pay is only sufficient for 2 weeks of expenditure. A lucky you Malaysians need not have to serve your government in this manner. In S’pore you can’t escape ‘coz if you do, you have to go to jail… I’m not a Jehovah Witness man, so I just have to obey this – 2 and a half years is nothing, really. Anyway, fuck the Singapore Government!!!
Why did you re-release the “Santau” EP with the title “Meditation Embun Pagi”?
“Santau” is a release of BLACKWINDS PRODUCTIONS. Malaysian – NEBIULA PRODUCTIONS bought the license for the Malaysian market from BLACKWINDS… As the cover on the BLACKWINDS edition was ‘stolen’ from a book, it has its copyrights. NEBIULA couldn’t use that illustration as it is a registered label, so we used that photo of forestic dawn for the NEBIULA’s edition. We have discussed and agreed that “Meditation Embun Pagi” suit the new cover rather than “Santau”.

What is the difference between your demo, “Primitively Eastern Winds” with your current stuff?

Not much, except that in “Meditation Embun Pagi/Santau”, the music is more matured structurally – highly melodical –aggressive and wrathful.
Your lyrics are quite different from other dark/black Metal bands. How do you get the source to write lyrics that’s so unique, mystique and dark?
I am basically influenced by the atmosphere – especially in the chill of the night where I witnessed the landscapic wondress brought by the occult. Also, I read a lot of Malay-ethnical sorcery texts and some references of Black Arts of Archipelago. My family heritage of Bugishianic occult knowledge and practices also helps in my lyrickal magick as I am directly instilled with such prowess…
What is your view and opinion about black Metal music? Is it all about Satanism, painted faces, etc?
It had to be evil and evil messages are expressed in different forms of black Metal styles – from chaotic to atmospheric. This however is actually a culture by its own. Well, VENOM started it all and we are continuing their tradition of spikes, leather, black suits, warfare accessories, chains, paints, etc.
Your music is not the usual black/dark stuff. Do you have any influences to make this kind of sound?
We cannot think of any particular bands ‘coz we have a wide range of playlists… When we idolized a band, we intend to create a similar music as that band… So, we never resort to that. I create music for AS SAHAR out of different moods in me – wrath, melancholy, psychic edge, romantic, freeze, wilderness, etc…
AS SAHAR… Such a great name. What does it really means?
The edge of the dark meeting the start of the bright – the peak of the occult – The Ultimatum. Such times defies categorization of day and it’s the best time to perform cruelties in magick.
Could you tell us more about BLACKWINDS PRODUCTIONS?
It’s a new record label here – a small one to cater bands within its interests. There will be a few releases of BLACKWINDS PRODUCTIONS in months to come.
How was your gig at the Hippodrome, Penang with NEBIRAS, SIL KHANNAZ and ATHOTORGH?
It was great, I think. I’ve always wanted to play in Malaysia and although we performed only 3 songs, I’m wholly satisfied. The Penang audience know what I want – no moshing so as to keep up the black Metal tradition and for that I’m grateful to them. The show was a complete one with fire-breathing holocurst, the traditional black Metal wear, corpse paint and the wrathful hymns of tahyulistic, ambience from AS SAHAR. What moved me was the fact that we managed to get to know NEBIRAS whom lots of Malaysians hate. I simply think this act is great – their new stuffs kills and they’re also aggressive on stage. The only two black Metal bands that day had managed to leave a concrete rememberance of our dark nature!
Future plans?
We have just recorded two tracks for the NEBIULA PRODUCTIONS compilation – scheduled for release in March ’96. We’ll start right away for 9 songs to be on our full-length CD. We’ve got a deal for that on a European label and it’ll only be released in February ’97, so there’s still a long way to go for our new CD, but I can assure you that it’ll be more agonizing and more atmosphere – orientated experience for all. Among the trax we’ll record for the CD are: “Fandeyian Okultika Hymnology”, “Tinggam”, “Nadayage”, “Phenomistik”, “Silumanial Dansacration”.
Well this is the end of this interview. Last ritual from AS SAHAR?
Thanks a lot Shah – great interview! Contact NEBIULA PRODUCTIONS for our merchandising… Well, that’s all, just rained your letters into our mailbox.

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