Monday, April 20, 2009

VULGA "Mayhem With Mercy"

VULGA “Mayhem With Mercy” (Afterlife Productions)
This is actually not a re-release of the purported ‘lost’ demo of VULGA, this is in fact a re-release of the split demo of MASSROHENDT and TEARS & PROMISE (sraet & esimorp). But don’t dismiss the relevance here, both bands are actually VULGA in disguise entirely since that both are comprised of the same line-up in VULGA as well. This makes me wonder about the validity of forming two other bands with the same line-up, why not incorporate everything into VULGA instead? Shouldn’t be bothered by it too much though, and by listening to this re-release, the logics could be guessed and are there for assumptions. The MASSROHENDT part are what to be found as crude, evil sounding death black akin to those to be known originates from the South America underground Metal; early SARCOFAGO not to be missed. Ohh, of course don't forget BLASPHEMY too. Very uncompromising, no tolerance, straight to the point. Whatever, whichever being termed as ‘bestial black death’ Metal these days, MASSROHENDT has been doing it ever since, a recording dated ‘91/’92 here confirms it. With TEARS & PROMISE we are introduced to the ‘lighter’ side of the band (VULGA); these songs are their take on underground heavy Metal, a more upbeat, rocking and traditional approach with slight hint of the Greek black Metal sound back then. While the music might be differing in approach, the vocals, though also differentiated between the two bands, have one thing in common: both are effects-heavy possessed terrifying chants sort-of. This is one important aspect of the bands, the vocals are adding up and blending in to the atmosphere of their materials well. Take this re-release as your worthy reference of what VULGA ‘is’ during those yesteryears; why they’re highly regarded by the local scene; why these expectations for the said ‘lost’ demo arose from. It is worthwhile to add here that VULGA has been revived, so keep those expectations intact please. Rough and raw sound are to be tolerated here, this re-release’s master source is a well-kept copy of the split demo tape obtained from a loyal fan (this is inevitable, apparently even the band members had lost the master tapes themselves!)

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