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Interview with IMPIETY in Issue#2, 1997

Interview with Shyaithan in 1997. IMPIETY: no words needed. Asian and Arrogant, with enough ammos to prove it right.
Hello Shyaithan. Some welcoming words would be nice to start it all.
You’ve just released your cassette EP “Funeralight…” on your own and distributed by ULTRA HINGAX PRODUCTIONS here (Malaysia). So, how’s the response for it and how do you judge its outcome? It’s pretty different from the album “Asateerul Awaleen”, and it should be clearer if you tell us the differences of those releases. A ‘new’ IMPIETY maybe?
We are satisfied with the overall production of the “Funeralight…” mini-album. In our opinion it is definitely much better than the 1st album “Asateerul Awaleen” in which the sound sucks. This time for the mini-album, we spent more time in the studios and also the vocals see a change as I have decided not to use any other fucking effect… I now choose to sing raw, just like “Salve The Goat…” 7” single back in ’93.
Your lyrics title are very ‘exotic’ to me. How do you manage to write those kind of lyrics and what does it all mainly about?
All from my demented brain, don’t ask me how but things just pop out. Yes, all the song writing for “Funeralight…” was done by me, so were the grim lyrics. The lyrics IMPIETY preaches, deal mainly with, Total fuckin’ AntiChristianity, total destruction, perversion, chaos, terrorism, barbarism, satanic war, sodomies, Lord Satan fucking all the Angels…etc,etc… that kind of stuff.
The new logo was designed by Christophe Szpajdel, so how did you manage to work with this great guy?
Christophe Szpajdel wrote us before the first album was released and offered to design for us a new logo… yeah, he fuckin’ rules and many hails to this diabolical hell-art master!
You recorded the “Funeralight…” EP at “The Battledrome”. Why don’t you record it at “The Blessed Womb Of Leftness” like your previous release or is it the same place?
Basically the same place but I decided it was best to put “The Battledrome” down in the cassette sleeve as some assholes apparently used the same name.
Watching your live show at the Rock World Lasertheque not so long ago, I can say that IMPIETY got a very good support from the crowd. I would like to know your words about that show and how was it since it is the first time ever to play in Malaysia?
Well, being a debut assault, I could say it was OK, but all of us felt as if more could have been done to make it more lively… in any case, the monitor speaker for the great Belphedeus (lead guitars) gave him hell and so, many solos were not executed. All in all, it is still an achievement for us. The fans must have been disappointed to see us without the paint… frankly speaking, too many fucking new untalented black Metal bands on the planet are exploiting it… so now we choose to have our own original style. But hail the fans at Penang, they fuckin’ rule!
I witnessed that there’s no Iblyss and Hanael in the line-up of that day. So what’s the reason of their absentees? I’ve rumours that you have some dispute with the great Iblyss.
Iblyss has been proudly kicked-out… Hanael was just a session for the “Funeralight…”, only for that we thank him, and Abyddos had to leave us as he was about to enter the National Service (Army)… so they do not prevail any longer with me. Again about that gig. The drummer is from the hard-core band STOMPIN’ GROUND. So, what do you think of hard-core band members play in a black Metal band? Doesn’t this against the principle of a black Metal band?
The history of Falmi (Ayong) goes back to ’88 when he formed STOMPIN’ GROUND… hard-core no doubt but also he formed the legendary death Metal band MUTATION in ’89. He played for another local death Metal band LEVIATHAN when MUTATION ceased in ’92… All in all, he has played/and still is playing for one hard-core band and has played in more than five local death Metal bands prior to IMPIETY. He can be considered a veteran and expert in his own field. In any case, why should this affect our principles? A guitarist/drummer who can only play black Metal riffs/strokes is a FUCKED UP MUSICIAN. As musicians, we must listen to all sorts of music like thrash, speed Metal, death Metal, rock, classical, jazz, etc, etc… but of course this is just to enhance one’s musical talent. Only early aggressive speed/death/thrash/heavy Metal interest us from the very beginning until today. Black Metal means nothing to me anymore, it’s just another fuckin’ trend for kids to jump into. IMPIETY works with Wicked professionals, not fuckin’ losers who can’t even read notes… that is why you see too many kids/dickheads forming shit bands that produce shitty demos/releases. Our musicianship has improved throughout these so many years, despite changes which are made, for the better of the band. Also Falmi (Ayong) together with the other two ex-MUTATION band mates are all direct shareholders and running the great PULVERISED RECORDS.
I think that you’re not very fond of Anton La Vey and the Norwegian black Metal scene. Could you tell us exactly why?
No I am not… I don’t care about that bald fake bastard and his fuckin’ bullshit propaganda… I am more fond of ‘pukis’’. I long to eat Ning Baizura’s someday. The Norwegian scene is total shit, the Swedes are more superior in all aspects.
Seeing that cassette EP being released, I can’t help to wonder about this: do you still have some kind of deal with SHIVADARSHANA RECORDS?
Yeah, SHIVADARSHANA will release the mini-cd version of “Funeralight…” in a month’s time… include lyrics and the sound is much better than the cassette version.
I’ve also heard rumours that the new, fledgling label from Singapore PULVERISED RECORDS will release an IMPIETY mcd. Is this correct?
They wanted to, we nearly had the deal sealed but at the last minute, SHIVADARSHANA called them and me up and proposed to do it… so, for us it wasn’t much of a problem. We will stick to SHIVADARSHANA in the future, also there are three other major European labels still interested to sign us for another full-length album. We have no worries about labels now.
Looking at the current eastern black Metal scene, more and more bands are seeking for originality by displaying their own cultural heritage of magick, sorcerism, etc. But I don’t see IMPIETY in this particular move. Am I right? And what do you think about this phenomenon?
It’s not a phenomenon, it’s a fuckin’ joke… we have no interest in fuckin’ culture/heritage… only fuckin’ Terrorism, Desecration and pure fuckin’ AntiChristian hate… we are fuckin’ barbarians. Armageddon Awaits!
Is there any chance of IMPIETY slowing down the pace a bit? Don’t you ever think of playing, for example; more atmospheric or anything else?
Slowing down for us means wimping out… no, never! Expect us to be the same speed-demons after “Funeralight…” ha ha!
How high do you rank IMPIETY among all the other bands in the eastern Metal scene?
Well, our Terroristic AntiChristian Battlehordes of Blackness will answer this… I can’t answer such a question.
What is IMPIETY all about to you and what does IMPIETY stands for?
IMPIETY is IMPIETY… to me it is the blackest Hate Hell-force there is, that attacks, kills and finally extinguishes the ‘pukimak’ Christian light… The trouble with too many new black Metal bands, they are nothing but wimps who can’t stand up and fight, only know how to talk shit. IMPIETY means blasphemy, impiousness, desecration… all that is unholy!
Any blasphemous forthcoming plans and releases from IMPIETY?
Watch for the 2nd album late September, it will rule! Also in September, a debut Singapore assault show with four other local outfits, including ABHORER which will make their debut appearance on stage! A final Malaysian show around November is scheduled to take place.
These are the fiery sentences of Shyaithan to wrap things up.
Hails to you Shah, sorry for the short answers. A thousand Hails to the terrorists who stormed the stage we played at KL on March 2… you rule! It is time to see the end of Christianity… we and our terroristic Battle-hordes will be Hell’s final Victors.


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