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Interview with ANGELCORPSE in Issue#2, 1997

Metal of Extermination at its finest. May all the glory forever be remembered upon the ashes of Angelcorpse. Further reincarnations and fragments should be found in the likes of REVENGE, FELDGRAU, APOCALYPSE COMMAND, BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY, among others. A chat with Gene Palubicki, and back then I need nothing else than the utterly raw, classic, legendary “Goats To Azazael” demo that this is a band to be heralded.
Hail Gene! How does ANGELCORPSE going on there?
All is well here.
Tell us a bit about your latest release, that is the debut album “Hammer Of Gods”. How’s the response to it until now?
It was recorded on 26th July-5th August. It eclipses the earlier material in both sophistication and savagery. Most everyone I’m in contact with feels it is a very good album, some thinks it’s the most brutal and evil stuff they’ve heard in years. We don’t have sales figures or anything like that but it’s not important.
Very soon after releasing the debut demo you’re releasing “Hammer Of Gods”. Don’t you think it’s too soon to release an album? So what differentiates both of the releases?
Maybe in hindsight we should’ve waited maybe another six months or so but it’s all history now. The obvious difference between the demo and album is production. The demo was done on a 4-track while the album in a 24-track studio. OSMOSE signed Angelcorpse immediately after the releasing of the demo. What do you think the ‘pushing’ factor for their decision? Your earlier reputation maybe? Are they treating Angelcorpse well enough?
Herve from OSMOSE heard our stuff and was truly impressed with our songs. He immediately sent a contract to us. We agreed with it and here we are. Angelcorpse had no earlier reputation except for the fact that our bassist/vocalist sang in the band Order From Chaos which incidentally Osmose refused all Order From Chaos material in the past. Osmose is a great label that does the real work that a label should do. We have no problems except minor things with communication and such.
You claim to play ‘Metal of Extermination’, so what do you really mean by that?
Tyrannical aural battery! Relentless sickening chaos and evil Metal fury!!
You obtained the drumming service of John Longstreth from the band Malicious Intent. Does he a permanent member of Angelcorpse now?
Yes, our drummer was formerly a member of the KC based Malicious Intent. He was the only drummer near us that could possibly do what we wanted. He originally started as a session member but is now full time in Angelcorpse.
I’m sorry but I have to know this. Why did Pete disbanded Order From Chaos? Don’t you think it’s such a shame to disband it?
Pete is the only person in Angelcorpse that played in Order From Chaos. This band has nothing to do with Order From Chaos. The reason they broke up was because the the guitar player of that band turned into an art fag. It is a shame that the band is gone but I really don’t think they had very much longer to go anyways.
So what’s the reason of forming Angelcorpse. Continuing the reputation of Order From Chaos? Any similarities between both bands?
Angelcorpse pays NO HOMAGE to anyone’s reputation, and aside from the sound of Pete’s vocals there is little or no comparison between the bands.
Don’t you aware of the risk by forming Angelcorpse, people will always compare it with Order From Chaos?
They can think what they want. There was no risk in forming Angelcorpse. Order From Chaos was a very simple band. Angelcorpse is much more demanding musically.
What about the lyrical concept of Angelcorpse. What does it deal with?
Vengeance, hatred, chaos and war, dark pleasures.
I’m really attracted with your logo. Tell me who’s taking care of the Angelcorpse artworks and how important is an artwork to Angelcorpse?
A friend of ours, Joe Craig, did our logo and various other designs that appear on our releases. We want the art we use to reflect what the band is about.
These days, almost every band is influenced, at least a bit; by black Metal. Does Angelcorpse too, affected by this?
Old albums from Sodom, Hellhammer or the first couple of Bathory albums were definitive ‘black Metal’. Pure disgusting Metal with abominable lyrics. That stuff is truly an influence in Angelcorpse.
So how’s your three week European tour, supposedly with the likes of Vital Remains and Impaled Nazarene?
Actually it was with the Swedish Gehennah and Impaled Nazarene. It was great, and many people after the shows were unable to fully express how blown away they were. We were unquestionably the most brutal band on the tour.
Lately, people are not that much interested with US bands. It seems that scene there is not that exciting anymore, moreover with lots of ‘clone’ bands sprouting up. Your opinion about this?
I think that here in America, as well as Europe and elsewhere, there are so many bands that people are actually hearing about and buying album from that are total shit. I mean, what’s the reasoning of putting out a CD of a band that cannot play and say that it is brutal and evil. The definition of what is truly good is lost, and all the shit bands mask their inferiority by using terms like ambience or atmosphere. To me it sounds like fucked up practice amps. Bands that cannot play should not be supported.
Brief us something about your next release, that is the “Iron, Blood, Blasphemy” MCD?
Actually, we are going to do another full length album and then the “Iron, Blood, Blasphemy” will follow. Hails to the warriors who truly fight in this world!!!!!

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