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Interview with MOURNING SIGN in Issue#2, 1997

One short interview. Based on one song. How could that be? ‘En to Pan’ is an excellent song, that is; featured on the legendary W.A.R compilation volume 1. This interview serves it purpose though back then, the time when I didn’t know shit about Mourning Sign.
Say as you wish.
Hello everyone. How’s it hangin’? Mourning Sign has been around since 1992.
I only got the chance to hear “En to Pan”. Any other releases of Mourning Sign so far?
Here’s our complete discography: “Last Chamber” (a demo) released in ’92, “Alienor” (miniCD) released in ’94, “Mourning Sign:Mourning Sign” (fullength) released in ’95 and “Multiverse” (also fullength) released in ’96.
Basically from your song, I can conclude that your musical style is some kind of a Swedish melodic death Metal variations.
Our concept is not to have a ‘concept’, I think… We try not to imitate any bands, for the plain reason: why be a copy of some band or so, when you’ve got something unusual or unique to say with your own music.
What about Mourning Sign lyrical approach? “En to Pan” is about Pan, the God of Nature, right?
Yes. Pan is the ‘dude’ with the flute but “En to Pan” is Greek and means : all is one, and the meaning of the lyrics is something for whoever is listening to find out for themselves.
How did Mourning Sign managed to contribute a song on that W.A.R compilation?
It’s simple. Wez from W.A.R likes us and and wanted us to contribute with a song…
All of you, except Hendrik, do the vocals. Is there any problem with Robert’s voice?
No, no problem at all. We just made it that way. Hendrik has got his revenge on us. He’s the one who’s reciting the lyrics on “Neerg” on our new album.
Who’s this Pelle Saether which co-produced “En to Pan”?
Pelle has been around in the music business since… who knows? He’s been singing in many bands. He’s also the owner of “Studio Underground” where we’ve recorded our albums.
What about the use of additional instruments to Mourning Sign…
When we made our first album we tried different things in the studio with the keyboards. On “Multiverse” (the new CD!) there isn’t any synths at all. Instead we got a violin player for two songs. Additional instruments are great, if they add something to your music otherwise, why bother?
Why do you choose to play this type of music? The compositions, does Kari writes all of it?
Good question, I’m not sure, I guess it has something to do with the energy in our music that makes us playing it. And yes, Kari is our main songwriter. He’s the one who has to purge, then the rest of us mould it to what becomes a Mourning Sign song.
What’s your opinion on the Swedish Metal scene right now?
It has changed I guess. Many bands (in my opinion) do sound alike. There isn’t any new angles. There’s a few bigger rock acts and then there’s copycats. And the Metal scene is small. Not too many bands tour as much as they did a few years ago. Record sales has decreased too.
This is the first time I’ve ever came across a band from Hallstahammar. Is there any more potential bands beside yours?
No, we are the one who rule the Hallsta mob of music (ha ha!). But seriously, there’s some bands around here but none of them has made any records or so. Hallstahammar is a small place and we know each other who’s involved with music really well! We’re one big happy family…
What do you think about the latest development in the (Swedish) scene, like the bands on Cold Meat Industry for example?
Sorry, I don’t know anything at all about Cold Meat Industry, but generally I think the scene and genres are mixed up with all kinds of styles and I think it’s great!
What will Mourning Sign brings up next?
For the moment, not a lot. We’ve had some difficulties with our record label and it has kinda messed up things for us, but we’ll make it!
Anything else to add!
Hopefully you’ll find our records out there. They are released through GODHEAD RECORDS in Italy. If there’s some troubles finding them, contact Mr. Editor for the address. So long everybody!

MOURNING SIGN c/o Petri Aho, Kapellgatan 15, S-734 35 Hallstahammar, Sweden

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