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Interview with LANGSUYR in Issue#3, 1998

LANGSUYR circa “Occultus Mysticism” and “The Eastern Cruelty”:UNTOUCHED. Eastern Death Metal supremacy. LANGSUIR over LANGSUYR, and don't ever argue with me on that. Oh well, just leave it to where it is anyway. This interview, hopefully; will be one of those memorable reminders of what could have been, what should have been. This is one meaningful chat with Sam.
Langsuir is left to three-piece right now. How does Langsuir cope with this situation? It certainly affects Langsuir’s progression isn’t it?
It has been a major problem since the beginning even though I admit I told to some zines before that it’s not a problem. Ego problem. Yes, it does affect our progression. I wished UTM is near Ipoh so I could rehearsed more. My location is a major problem too. We could have been 1000x better if we live near ourselves. How to cope? Hmm… let see… By magic? No! Occultism? No! Mystic? No! Luck? A little bit. Commitment? YES!
Sometime ago, I heard that you’re hunting for a drummer to fill up the vacant slot. It seems that it’s still vacant till now, right? Is it because nobody is up to the capabilities that you demand? You’ll rely to the energy of Wira (Athotorgh) in times to come, or? And I sense that there’s no real bassist in the band since the beginning, am I right?
When you write a piece of music you had already the vision of how the song going to be. Basically, I already had the basic drum structure to the song. When I rehearsed, I hope the drummer will come up with a fresh idea. If not then we have to use my basic structure. If I have a drummer who can blow me with innovative drumming then he will be our drummer. Me and Azmaniarkht dig out drums even though we play guitars. Well, at the moment there are no drummers up to our par, not yet. But, we should have not wait for it. What the best we have is what we are going to use. So Wira is the guy right now. The same criteria goes to the bass player. Yeah, there’s no permanent bassist from the beginning. We are comfortable that way. We: me, Azmaniarkht and Azlanthor act as the vision. Both the drummer and bassist are the tools with limited voice given.

And people would certainly not forget the sensational news of your ex-drummer, Adjheez who’re now playing in a so-called alternative band Sky Juice. I really like to know what do you feel and think about this? Does this also means that he doesn’t play anymore with your other band Vociferation Eternity?
I have sense it even before he was out because I know he was playing with his friends in an alternative band. Well, I have no problem with that. He should have his decision but he should have played with more independent form of music, be it punk or hardcore. Alternative sucks heh! Playing in that band means that he has to beg for recognition. He has to beg for mercy from the press, the electronic media and all those commercial butts. He has no voice on his band. The label tells him what to do. He just nod ‘yes’. No question asked. He even has to beg for people to buy the product. But again, it is his decision. Not the one that I will venture in the future though. Now, what else can Vociferation Eternity do when he’s already in contract for three years with the band. He can’t play with any band other than his Sky Juice. We are not nuts who wanted to get sued in the future. So we said, “Adjheez (or Jay), you’re a poser”.
What’s your personal evaluation on your latest release so far (although it’s out ages ago), “The Eastern Cruelty”? I’ve been informed that it’s the fastest selling local extreme Metal release so far? I’ve also heard that it didn’t came out as what you’ve expected it to be? What’s the problem with it?
Fastest selling local extreme Metal release? Heh, even if it’s not true, I’ve already flattered with your suggestion. That is a boost! Production-wise, it’s crap. It could have been better. Good songs but shit production. It should have been re-recorded. Too bad nice idea just being dumped out coz of the production. Well, I really don’t want to talk about it (even though we hope it sells so we can suck out the royalties!)

“Occultus Mysticism” certainly is the stepping stone for Langsuir to carve a name in the local extreme Metal scene and abroad. Do you still admiring it in any way? The first 500 copies of its re-pressing on EASTERN GRANDEUR PRODUCTIONS are sold-out by now. Any further plans with EGP?
“Occultus Mysticism” is a nice start because at that time (1993), local demos were recorded in a shitty studio. So, we came out with a 16-tracks recording quality with three pieces of death Metal shit. The first pre-hearing we did in Ajak’s (owner of ULTRA HINGAX PRODUCTIONS) house, he was totally impressed. Well, if I can quote him… he said he has not heard our kind of death Metal since ages! That was certainly a start. Yeah, in a way, I still admire it even though we hesitate to play any of the numbers in our gig. Well, it may be interesting, but not as interesting at the time when it was released. The 500 copies thru EGP was sold-out. EGP has planned to put it on MCD + some new songs on it. Nothing is certain yet.
And compared to “The Eastern Cruelty”, people say that Langsuir is more black Metal-orientated then. What’s your words?
We have not deviate from death Metal. Never. Don’t be confused with our painted faces in the cover. It was really, a mockery when we use it. At that time, I guess we are the first local band to wear full paint onstage. We are not a black Metal band. Never was and never will.
How’s the idea of ending the song “Bastardised Rejaman Sihir” with the old 60’s song “Pontianak” came up? You’re really hooked-up to that song huh?
It came out spontaneously during our rehearsal. Azmaniarkht who came out with that shit. I thought it was cool and it may fits our song. It does, well at least to us. Why? You didn’t like it? Maybe because of my solos? Or maybe it should have came out proper vocals? Why don’t give it a toast and let’s dance?
What about that song with total Malay lyrics, “Tangisan Embun Pagi”? I’m sure that it’s probably the most difficult song to write for Langsuir so far? I mean, marrying our soft, artistic language of old-times with death Metal hymns? It must be painstaking…
“Tangisan Embun Pagi” is the hardest part in the EP. It has a lot of twist, music-wise. We have some parts where I have to really twist my fingers to one side while Azmaniarkht has to twist his on the other side. But when combined together, it’s like watching “Silence of the Lamb”, a real twister shit! Not to mention, to exactly combine Malay lyrics with music that is full of aggression. You’re right. It’s really painstaking. A lot of effort was given to the song. It will be our greatest piece of shit.

So, does “The Eastern Cruelty” a conceptual piece? Tell us about it; and perhaps what do the songs in it tells about? The cover is very much linked with the song “The Seven-Headed Dragon of Pelangi”? At least, it really gives out some well-connected feel with the songs, so…
Conceptual? Now, that’s interesting. I mean, no one had ever thought it of being conceptual. You are the first. Well, I really don’t know. Probably yes or no depending on how you are looking at it. Lyrics-wise, they are not connected. It’s true the cover is a mirror to the song “The Seven-Headed Dragon of Pelangi”. But it is not a conceptual album. Maybe in the next release?
Langsuir plays occult death Metal. People tend to think that occultism and Satanism are very much linked with each other. I heard that Langsuir views this in quite a different way.
Honestly, I really don’t care on this subject. You see, when you play in a band for, say, 6 years, that is not an important thing anymore. When you are just being chained with certain topics, it really don’t get you anywhere. Well, OK maybe we did write on the subject 2-3 years ago but today, we really don’t give a shit. I tell you what, when you get older, you see things in a different way. There are lots of this world than you could probably can imagine. We see it as a tool. Not an absolute. We prefer to stress on the musical side, if you know what I mean…
Your influences in the making of your songs rooted out from our own heritage of occultism. Why are you ever so interested in it? How deep have you studied it? And what can you tell us when you compare it to that of the Westerns?
Generally I have answered this in the last question. Just to add… I have no deeper understanding on the Malay heritage. Let make it this way, if I concentrate more on the philosophy than the music, I may end up being a historian! Shit, I dig out the music more than anything. If people just can understand this. I don’t deny that it influenced us a lot in making music. But it does not make sense anymore when your heart is hungry for more. Those subjects will or may not be our choice in the future. What is certain? We play death Metal with ‘Malay’ feel. Yeah, ‘Malay’ feel : social, emotional, thinking, vision, pain, trauma etc. not specifically myth and mystic.
You’ve got two new songs under your belt, namely “Ku Cemari” and “Descent of the Fire-Breathed”. They’re scheduled to be released in the Ipoh Metal compilation by ULTRA HINGAX PRODUCTIONS soon. Are they still in the “The Eastern Cruelty” vein? “Ku Cemari” is another song with all Malay lyrics right? “Descent of the Fire-Breathed”, a continuation of “The Seven-Headed Dragon of Pelangi”?
Yeah, you’re right. “Ku Cemari” is basically a 3 minutes piece of shit with some fast twist on the guitars and drums. The aggression is in the vein of “My Oath For Thee” but the twist is more like “Tangisan Embun Pagi”. The lyrics is on vengeance. It’s about one man who has a deep hate on this other guy. Inspiration – Hang Tuah myth. Venue – could be anywhere. Date – could be anytime. “Descent of the Fire-Breathed” is more melodic. Mid pace with longer duration of playing close to 6 minutes. Unlike “Ku Cemari” which has little riffs being played again, “Descent of the Fire-Breathed” is more conservative. Even though it is not meant to be the same to the song “The Seven-Headed Dragon of Pelangi”, it accidentally has the same feel. If people feel it is a continuation, it will not do any harm anyway. It was not our intention. Lyrics-wise, it is a play of imaginations, which I bind together with my Malay feels. It will appear on the UHP compilation. It will probably be titled “Hail To Ipoh” coz there’re only Ipoh bands playing in the compilation.

Does it actually mean that you no longer have a deal with NEBIULA PRODUCTIONS?
It was a short deal with UHP with no real black and white. We are not in deal with any label yet.
And that deal with NAZGUL’S EYRIE PRODUCTIONS from Germany. How has it been going on? I’ve heard there’s some hassles circling the deal? Have they released “The Eastern Cruelty” on MCD format? And what about the album deal?
The latest news that I’ve got from NEP is that they are dead already. Rumours are that an English label has bought NEP. I guess that what it, the deal we signed ages ago is invalid. So we are free. So, no album and no MCD from us thru NEP.
The local extreme Metal scene is getting better these days, so it seems. Being an ‘avid’ scene-people for quite a while, it really is worthwhile to know your opinion about it…
The scene is in its peak. Where in the history in Malaysia that you have countless bands and local labels who fully concentrate in the Metal scene? These are the years. Instead of being ‘poor’ in the past, you get some extra cash from it right now. We are the band from the second generation so we can’t really care on the scene from the first generation. It’s over years ago. We respect the first generation as pioneers. If not because of them, we may have started late. Well, you can’t hold anything to start, right? If they don’t start, we might have started it. Well, the reason of this intended ‘sarcasm’ is, the past is over! There is no reason to hope bands like Rator and Punisher to resurrect. We already know that such reunion will spell disaster! Remember the Rator resurrected in ’94 (gig)? They play crappier than anything you can imagine. The Metal scene is much better now. Some people say it is not the same. Yes because the past is smaller than the present. Of course there is no denial that you have some clowns here and there at the moment but it is really our decision to choose. You want them to be alive, you should support them or either way around. I don’t know about the past, but today it is more money-oriented. The labels and organizers gain a lot from us, so we want our shares too. It is ethical. But I know some organizers who sucked too much, well at least that is what I feel.
What about your other activities? When will the latest issue of Krenmaut (#3 I think) will finally be released? Give us some latest information on Vociferation Eternity…
DO NOT HOPE FOR #3 TO BE OUT! The issue was lost when my computer stucked. So, it will be no more. It really pissed me off that I will not continue it in the near future. I have a better idea with my Malaysian Metal Madness homepage. It’s more practical and efficient. Vociferation Eternity will be entering the studio in April ’98 hopefully for the second album. At the moment the songs are more Swedish oriented on Dark-E’s side while on my side it is more progressive. You have to wait for the full impact (if there is any). At the moment, I’m enjoying my full week of holiday after finally finishing my studies. Then I’ll be doing my work as a Research Assistant before continuing for my Masters degree in Civil Engineering. I hope that this will give a boost to those who are still studying heh…!
That’s it. I think this would be sufficient to get us something about Langsuir while waiting for further releases. End up this interview with something…
Thanks for the refreshing interview. I complete this task in 1 hour 30 minutes. Hmmm, I would probably like to ask those out there to buy our stuffs (if you don’t have it yet) from Nebiula Productions. Thanks to the fans who have been faithful and understanding. Metal forever!!! Hail and kill!!!


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