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Interview with EVOL in Issue#2, 1997

EVOL is one fascinating black Metal band. Obviously not your usual blasphemies Metal of the blacker kind, their atmospheric black Metal are not to be ignored. What's more interesting is their uncompromised single-mindedness in their quest for the glorification of evil, albeit with hymns that are actually more inclined towards the milder, softer kind. Intended for the first issue (and guided only by their first demo), this one appears in the second nevertheless. And though the band has completed its cycle, don't miss out on any of their releases if you have the chance. Questions answered by Prince of Agony.
How’s your life there, unholy Prince of Agony?
Quite busy: mail, band, study, and work! Anyway, there are always problems in living in a world dominated by the damn follower of light. We are ruled by ignorant people, so it is difficult for a Guide to carry on in all this mess!
One compulsory ‘boring’ question. Tell us a brief history of the dark orchestra, namely Evol!
I formed Evol, during the first month of 1993 and I was joined by Lord of Sorrow and Princess of Disease. We started to work on our common Faith and we released at the end of 1993 our first demo “The Tale of The Horned King”. Then, in 1994 we made a deal with the Italian label MAGGOT PRODUCTIONS, which produced our second demo “The Dark Dreamquest Part 1”. In 1995 ADIPOCERE RECORDS, being impressed by our demos, produce our debut-CD, “The Saga of The Horned King” and in 1996 the same French label released our second CD, “Dreamquest”.
That’s brief enough. So what is the concept of Evol’s symphonies, it’s quite original from my point of view.
Well, we believe that black Metal is not a fixed musical kind, but it can varies from band to band. You can listen to very fast and aggressive black Metal bands, such as Immortal or you can find more melodic acts such as Evol. We play very atmospheric music, inspired by our Dark Essences.
Don’t you find it a bit unusual as one of your permanent band members (Princess of Disease) is a female?
There is nothing strange in this. Princess of Disease (female vox) shares with us our common Faith in the Black Principle of Existence, so she is a fundamental part of Evol; absolutely.
Your first demo “The Tale of The Horned King” really approves Evol’s existence in the realm of black Metal. Could you tell us more about it? The cover is quite mysterious and I’m sure it has some special meanings.
“The Tale of The Horned King” is our first demo and it is self-produced and self-distributed. Now it is nearly sold out (about 500 copies). The recording is quite good, but it is a shit compared to our Cds. The cover we used for that demo is a medieval painting. It shows the presence of the Devil during a war. In the distance you can see a burning town. It is linked to the lyrics of the title track “The Return of The Horned King”.
As a black Metal band (and a good one!), could you tell us more about your belief?
First of all, I’m a follower of the Black Principle, Source of Darkness and Forger of the Black Souls. Satan is a manifestation of the Black Principle in a certain age and so I’m also a Satanist.
Do all black Metal lyrics have to deal with Satanism and what is your opinion on bands who sings about other themes? What about Evol?
Black Metal is a very effective mean to express the Cult of Darkness. Not every black Metal band must sing about Satan, but every black Metal band SHOULD sing about Darkness. Concerning Evol, we sing the glory of the Black Principle and of all His manifestations.

Have you heard of any stuffs from Malaysian and Singaporean bands?
Sorry but I’ve never listened to any bands from those countries. However I know that Black Brothers live in those places. I’ve seen some flyers. Hail to them!
Evol. Is there any special meaning or just an anagram of the word ‘Love’?
Evol represents the Black Principle of Existence, opposed to the other Principle, Love, Source of Light. We are the followers of Darkness and we are opposed to the followers of Light.
How Does Evol compose their dark, unique and blasphemous symphonies?
Guitar parts are proposed by Lord of Sorrow and then we arrange all the other instruments and I adapt the lyrics. Regarding the synth parts, I write them at home and then I record them in studio.
Any new releases or merchandise from Evol?
Evol merchandise (cds and in future t-shirts and long sleeves) should be available from ADIPOCERE RECORDS. Our newest release is the full length CD “Dreamquest”, based on the tale of H.P. Lovecraft’s “Dreamquest of the Unknown Kadath” and the mythology of the Necronomicon. It is composed by 13 songs, some of them more atmospheric some other more aggressive. It is a praise to Cosmic Darkness and to the Guides, which wander in the Dreamland, searching the forgotten Truth and Black Deities.
Have you ever burn churches, killing people or something related? Hehe. Do you support such act?
Well, you’re quite direct, aren’t you? If I’d ever make some of the acts you said, I will never confess them in public (I would be stupid then!). Anyway, I support those kind of violent acts, fighting against light and its followers.
Any special messages to the readers of RANDOM?
All the Black Brothers should listen to our music. With it, we try to establish a link between us and them, in order to survive in a world dominated by light and ignorant people, waiting the time of our revenge.
Closing speech?
Hail Darkness, Hail evil, Hail Victory!!! D.U.N is the Law!

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