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Interview with MANIAC BUTCHER in Issue#2, 1997

Self-proclaimed the only true kings of Czech black Metal, but who could blame them? The duo Barbarud Hrom and Vlad Blasphemer had, from their early years right up until 2002, delivered what they know best: fucking raw black Metal with no compromises. Splitting-up for the reason of getting disgusted with the current black Metal scene, you should know what to expect from them. Barbarud Hrom was summoned…
Vomit some blasphemous introduction to all the readers…
Hell-o! Here’s Barbarud Hrom, singer of Maniac Butcher and Dark Storm and owner of PUSSY GOD RECORDS.
Suddenly, “Barbarians” CD was released in Nov ’95 and Maniac Butcher is carving a name in the black Metal scene. Does Maniac Butcher personally satisfied with this release and how’s the reaction from the Metal scene?
We are very satisfied with our debut and also the major parts of listeners, because sells are very good and also reactions were very positive.
Maniac Butcher’s sound is almost similar to the Scandinavian bands. What is your comment about this and does Maniac Butcher is really influenced by the Scandinavians? Don’t you ever wish to be a so-called ‘original’ band?
We don’t see original to use many instruments (like flute, violin, cymbals) or to do some mixture of more styles. We believe in true METAL sound – one male vocals, two guitars, bass and drums – nothing more!
“Lucan-Antikrist” was released in Sept ’96. From my point of view, the difference between “Lucan…” and “Barbarians” is only in the production. They’re basically in the same vein.
We love our style, so there’s no reason to change it. We tried only to do darker riffs and of course, production is much better than the debut.
On “Barbarians”, the lyrics dealt with pure antichristianity whilst on “Lucan…” it is about the Lucans (correct me if I’m wrong). So what made you change the topics, Barbarud?
I think the main topic is the same. Because the lyrics of the second album tell the story about bloody fight of Lucans against Christians.
Could you tell us more about the ‘Lucans’?
Lucans were our paganic ancestors, cruel barbaric warriors, eternal adversaries of Christianity. Zatec (our town) was the centre of their mighty empire (8th-12th century). Their blood is in our veins. We are true sons of them.
Lots of black Metal bands nowadays are using keyboards and female vocals. Doesn’t Maniac Butcher plans on doing so?
No!! If you take any primitive slow guitar riff and join some keyboards line, it will sound each time ‘well’. It is easy and the most of bands do it by this way… but we don’t like it!! The forever best hordes Mayhem, Darkthrone and Immortal didn’t need some fucking keyboards too!! I remember ancient times when it was a shame to use keyboards in Metal.
Maniac Butcher sings in Czech language. Do you think by singing in your own mother tongue, it fits the songs better?
Maybe… and maybe it can sound interestingly in black Metal scene. From the beginning (’92) we use Czech language. “Lucan…” is written in old Czech language (language of Lucans) – so, it can be interesting also for Czech listeners. By the way, English translation are written on the CD booklet too.
Since that you’re singing in Czech, why don’t you name the band in Czech too?
Ha – it is a very often question… The name “Maniac Butcher” is much older than the real band (it is from ’88-’89). Well, it is in English, and it is not ‘suitable’ for today’s black Metal hordes… but we have strong relation to it and we will never change it!! If we would translate it to Czech – “Sileni Reznik”, I’m very sure that very few people will be able to write it without mistakes and no one would remember it…
You and Vlad are also in the band Dark Storm. Both of you are also doing another band called Nhaavah. For what reason that you decided to form these other bands beside Maniac Butcher? Is there any differences between these three bands?
Nhaavah is only a studio project. We’d like to use bass and drum-machine for ultrafast passages. But in this time we have no free money and time to record it. Dark Storm is a real band with four members. I sing there (as in Maniac Butcher), Vlad plays drums in Dark Storm but guitars in Maniac Butcher! Both bands play quite similar music, but 90% of Maniac Butcher music is written by Vlad and Dark Storm music is written by Martin Desecrator and C.O.F.E.E. Dark Storm music is more primitive and lyrics are in English. By the way, debut CD “Four Lucan Emperors” is out from Nov ’96!!
What about the Czech Metal scene right now. Before this, I only knew of Master’s Hammer and Root. Any other ‘bohemian horns’ that is great in your opinion? Will Bohemian bands take the black Metal scene by storm once again?
I don’t think so… because there is too many hordes in other countries. We must fight very hard for good position in the world black Metal scene. From the other Czech hordes I would recommend you only two names, Unclean and Sorath. There is also several young bands. But the most of them are only bad copies of famous hordes, without any own philosophy (stolen riffs etc.).
Lots of black Metal bands are despising each other by accusing words like ‘trends’ and ‘false’ between them. What do you think differentiate the ‘true’ from the ‘false’? Do you ever give a damn about this situation?
One year ago, I thought that 99% of all bands are true people which love their music. But if I see some new Czech bands, I must change my opinion. What do you think about, when some Czech bands have lyrics in Norwegian, sings about the Vikings, and use photos with plastic Viking helmets and wooden axes on the cover…! Also one other band stole my own lyrics “The End of Messiah”. They changed only several words… their version is called “The End of Christ”. I think it is real hard to say ‘true’ about these hordes.

You set up your own record label, PUSSY GOD RECORDS. Tell us more about it and what are you planning to release in the future?
My forthcoming releases: CD of Unclean “Ten, co sevyhyba svetla” March ’97, CD of Sorath “Gnosis” May ’97, 3rd CD of Maniac Butcher “Krvestreb”, EP of Nazgul (summer/autumn ’97) and 2nd CD or MCD of Dark Storm (till the end of ’97).
You seem to have some problem finding a suitable second guitarist. Is this problem been settled now?
Yes, from May ’96 Lord Uncleans (Pan Necistych) is our new member. He leads his own studio band Unclean. We have known them for a very long time – he is a good friend and honest man… and of course- very good guitarist.
On the first CD, the cover depicts the bandmembers riding horses, second CD depicts you with a sword and of course, riding a horse too. So what are you trying to portray from the covers?
I think that three things – cover, title and lyrics should have common concept. So “Barbarians” means warriors on horses, “Lucan…” means warriors and horses too. Moreover, many bands use ‘war-painted’ photos on the cover, but horses are unique in my opinion. New album will be called “Krvestreb”. It is a name of mighty falcon in old Czech language. It is a symbol of power, freedom, fight against Christianity. It will be again something common with the Lucans. But I’m not sure if we will use again the horses on the cover…
Anything that we can expect from Maniac Butcher soon?
Instead of a new album, we would like to make two videos for songs “Zatecky Hrad” and “Postledni Bitva” from “Lucan…” soon. We only wait for better weather. Now it is too cold and snow is everywhere. We will make it on one castle-ruin and we don’t want to make it in snow. Many people would say that we copy Norwegian hordes, if we would make it in snow. It seems only Norwegian bands can use war-paints or snow, only Norwegian bands can play black Metal. All bands from Norway are true, all the rest are false trenders…?? Sorry, I don’t think so!!
If there’s anything else to be said, devour it now.
I’d like to give my dark greetings to all my Malaysian friends. Thanks for the support!! Death or Die!! Black or Bye – Forever!!

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