Friday, May 8, 2009

RECIDIVIST "Peaceful Of Doom"

RECIDIVIST “Peaceful Of Doom”
Death Metal on the offering, and Recidivist does it the old-school way. No ultrafast blastbeat, no dizzying fretboard shredding, there ‘re only feelgood old-school death Metal here. Wait, did I just mention ‘feelgood’? Do such words accepted within the death Metal vocab? But then , that’s the word instantly emerged listening to this “Peaceful of Doom”. It’s not happy-sounding death Metal, no; but it ain’t that evil too. That’s right. Everything is predetermined here, no way surprises. That is what you should get from them. They’ve released a mini-album prior to this, my guess is this is the way they sounded too. You see, Recidivist confine themselves in that safe zone of traditional death Metal, and I won’t see them ever going out from there anytime soon. You know what to expect then. If I’m not mistaken, this recording (a live studio session I think) is being given free to anyone interested. Contact the band.

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