Friday, May 8, 2009

SAMARTARY "Kebangkitan"

SAMARTARY “Kebangkitan” (Wira Athotorgh Production)
“Thrash Kemelayuan” is their own description of their sound, and who could blame them for claiming as such. This is as rusty a Malaysian thrash Metal can get, and there should be more than once occasion that you’ll be reminded of the Malaysian thrash godfathers Black Fire upon listening to “Kebangkitan”. The similarities are there, totally barenaked; and transparent enough for everyone to see.Summing it all up, this is thrash Metal the Malaysian way, comfortably draped in mid-pace throughout most of the proceeding; and if you’re familiar with Malaysian rock and heavy Metal scene of the late ‘80’s and early ‘09’s, this one reeks of it, so pungent that suggest it is the band’s intention of showing it. But hey, I traced some old Greek black Metal-influenced riffs here too. On a more personal level, I do wish that the band produce more of those faster passages though. And on the last song, I can’t help but noticing that the vocals seems like playing catching-up with the rest of the instruments. A well-balanced minimal production though, no need to be grumpy on that. Now, Malaysian thrash Metal, anyone?

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