Tuesday, October 2, 2012

IMMOLATE "Confession Of The Enchanted"

IMMOLATE "Confession Of The Enchanted" single 2010 (Eastern Voice Production)
Another single from Eastern Voice Production that manages to make its way into my possession, this one even dating back in 2010. I think some of these might still floating around, there's a repress being made if I'm not mistaken. My copy is the first 100 which comes with sticker and handnumbered. From the word 'go' IMMOLATE serves sweeping black Metal which came across as a mixture of the eastern and the european kind of it. Eventhough IMMOLATE emphasize on being fast, the highly melodic picking is a constant feature throughout the song. It is fast, but being melodic as it is, "Confession Of The Enchanted" appears less aggressive than expected. Nothing wrong with that anyway, that's the way IMMOLATE craft its dark art. There's a demo being released after this single, but I haven't had the chance to hear it yet. Most probably it will be in the same vein and from the same recording session. This single serves as a teaser or something for what's to come. I have to complain about the sound though, it is badly compressed I think, poor mp3 conversion might be at fault.

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