Tuesday, October 2, 2012

FACE OF DECAY "Freedom Of Suffer"

FACE OF DECAY "Freedom Of Suffer" CDr (Angka Kematian Productions)
Naming your band after a REPULSION song would be a sound choice indeed, but it also leads to undeniable expectations. I approach "Freedom Of Suffer" with possibly a slightly higher demand, hoping the band will be able to exceed it. This was meant as a demo, released under Angka Kematian Productions for better circulation I think. What we have here is predominantly some standard brutal death Metal with grindcore tinges on the fast parts. And what you would expect here is of course all the norms that you will encounter with bands playing this genre. Nothing so damnly wrong with FACE OF DECAY, but I found their version of the massacre is a bit simple and 'hollow'. It lacks of something 'extra' that I couldn't exactly pinpoint on to. What is apparent for instance is the lack of some punishing drum-works which I think should be vital for music like these to reach its extreme nature. And everything else is so predictable in "Freedom Of Suffer". For anyone who is remotely interested only.

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