Monday, October 1, 2012

GOATLUSTING CHAOS / REFICUL ESRUC "Majestic Coronation Ov Lucifer's Worshipper"

GOATLUSTING CHAOS / REFICUL ESRUC "Majestic Coronation Ov Lucifer's Worshipper" (Goat Ov Mendes Productions/Nusantarajim Productions/Horror Distro)
A split in honour of Lucifer and of course, The Goat, GOATLUSTING CHAOS and REFICUL ESRUC complements each other fittingly here. REFICUL ESRUC starts the ceremony with an intro, an originalsong and a cover of SARCOFAGO's 'The Black Vomit'. Though with only one own proper composition to boot, I would like to hear more about them in the future. After the climaxing intro aptly named 'Black Thrash Attack', REFICUL ESRUC marches forward with 'The Burning Wrath', a track that serves as an epitome of what their black thrashing hymns is all about. Adequately, deliberately executed with all the right ingredients of a good underground black thrashing mayhem. This song was recorded in 2008, wonder why they took so long to finally unleash it to the masses. The SARCOFAGO cover was done justice here, I'd rather leave it at that. Enter GOATLUSTING CHAOS then, and they still never lost that horny forni-goatlust in them. In fact I think they sounded more vicious here than their debut demo, providing a little more hatred into their wicked  harmony. They still made me think of early IMPIETY at times, but that is not a bad thing either. The blueprint is already there with "For I Am The Goatlord" demo, this only further strenghtening the fact. Released in CD and tape version, a worthy addition to your collection no matter which format that you choose. I'm sure The Goat is satisfied with this for the time being, His corrupted souls does it decently on this split.

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