Monday, October 1, 2012

SAKTISM "Krush The Weak"

SAKTISM "Krush The Weak" (Menjrex Nerto Productions)
Here's another hybrid of black/death/thrash the Eastern Metal way. Whereas I could here the normalisation, SAKTISM seems to have that 'crude' charm to their material. It is probably due to their compositional edges or even the frigid style of the vocal. "Krush The Weak" going round and round the aforementioned concoctions, but as their appear melodic, it's not to the point of sounding cheesy and such. And I do sense it has something to do with the way they chose how the guitars should sound too. It's sounding sharper and heavier than most of their counterparts do. And they dominate the productions too, the drums should be more upfront. "Krush The Weak" is a 'mean' release. "Fuck Off" (though a bonus track here) is a very angry song. Here's a fierce eastern Metal related release if you need some. Crude and brute.

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