Monday, October 1, 2012


DEATH IN EVOLUTION "Death Lullaby" EP CD (Obscure Sound Record)
It is another finely packaged product from another fine new label, Obscure Sound Record. As much as I am impressed with the enthusiasm, the listening experience falls a bit short though. "Death Lullaby" is mostly, no; entirely, mid-paced death Metal all the way. And it hovers well within that. Maybe some faster parts could add a little spice to the whole effort, but that is not the intent of DEATH IN EVOLUTION. I have this (false) hope that they will change the gear more than once throughout this EP, but that is not to be granted until the last second. Now who am I to interfere with the band's direction, I succumb to that. But it doesn't deter me from the fact listening to this tends to be a bit 'linear', the songs passes through me like a breeze. The productions is good though, thumbs up on that. Here's also a cover of a PAGANIZER song 'Storm To Come' from their debut album "Deadbanger", way before Rogga turning the band into an old school death Metal act (along with his countless other bands), so if you're familiar with this oddity in PAGANIZER catalogue, you are more than halfway right to figure out the music of DEATH IN EVOLUTION. It blends well with the rest of the tracks here.

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