Monday, October 8, 2012

DEATH KROLBT "Ritual Hollow Winter"

DEATH KROLBT "Ritual Hollow Winter" demo 2007 CDr (Evil Institution Records)
They claimed to play 'death Metal', but the first song 'Petualang Sial' clearly reeks of early HAYAGRIVA and AS SAHAR adulation. Ok, maybe it's the odd one, because the following three tracks, there's less doubt about them being death Metal though. Said to be originally recorded in 2004, this demo most probably reflects what the line-up had been possessed by during those years. It's a culmination of what was currently wandering around in the local scene back then. It's either death or black Metal with that distinct eastern traits. More than often I tend to lump the death Metal tracks as some lower rate copy of LANGSUIR early years. And the band seems to be trying to cram everything into their compositions. They tend to sound unfocused and everywhere several times, confusions will probably be a not too distant word to use here. I'm sure some of the band members are now in an even better band(s), therefore I found no other valid reason of releasing this rather than to be nostalgic, considering its age and such. A piece of history in some sort probably, but not that essential definitely. And a southeast Asian band singing about winter? Now that's a novelty.

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