Monday, October 1, 2012

EXCRETED TORTURE "Inclinated To Devour"

EXCRETED TORTURE "Inclinated To Devour" (Derangement Project Production)
A slamming, guttural death Metal band from Sabah is a nice indication for the scene there, mostly known with their black/death infested acts. So stood EXCRETED TORTURE like a sore thumb amidst the countless black/death releases, but they stood well enough. I found very little reason to doubt "Inclinated To Devour", because EXCRETED TORTURE seems to be doing it quite well. If you're familiar with bands pioneering these kind of musical brutality, I can tell you that EXCRETED TORTURE is doing it just fine too. They bury their heads to that US and Indonesia way of brutal death Metal immensely intact. The included live tracks here (although 'roughly' recorded, I guarantee that) are very loud and maddening to some effect, good inclusion indeed. At least you can visualize what crazed creature EXCRETED TORTURE is on stage. I like this for being what it is. Worthy.

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