Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DAMOKIS "The Fangman" / SICKNESS "Rhapsodies Of Corporeal Decomposition"

DAMOKIS "The Fangman" / SICKNESS "Rhapsodies Of Corporeal Decomposition" split CDr (Ograsmatron Production/Sickness)
What will you get when two of Johor, Malaysia's grind heavyweights had their own shares in a split? A veritable grind feast, that is. DAMOKIS comes first with 6 tracks of their grinding blend, still very much in the same vein and never to go anywhere else. It is always a pleasure listening to them, and this one is no excuse. Grindcore the good old way with enough hindrance of the urge to senseless blasting all the way. These are 'songs' indeed, not 'noises'. Those tongue-in-cheek black humor is still here as well, no worries. SICKNESS are up next, and they show even more penchant for developing songs rather than going head-first for the bashing. And yes they couldn't get more old school than this. It is like listening to some good grind during the 90's, completed with the pathological derivations; and please, do let SICKNESS stuck in that era forever. It suits them fine snugly. It is a nice split more or less, and for an 'occasional' grinder like me, it is more than adequate for the listen. Released on printed CDr with printed full color cover and insert.

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