Friday, October 5, 2012


MAJESTIC EAST "Mandau" CDr (Derangement Project Production)
Depends on the way you look at it, it's either a simple or difficult task to write about such release as "Mandau". I could easily stop after describing it as another 'eastern black/death Metal', but that wouldn't do it much justice, isn't it? But most of you will get the point anyway I think. MAJESTIC EAST is sticking to the gun with their firm belief in the 'eastern' formulas. It's 5 tracks of melodic black/death Metal the eastern way that you will get in this release. MAJESTIC EAST focused more on the melodic passages the most apparently, the thrashy and faster parts were there to juice things up. The vocals is of course in that black Metal vibes. Songs like "Ancient Glory Of The East" sways in all its melodic-ness before a short burst towards the end. MAJESTIC EAST seems to be majoring in the melodic realm. They say what you're listening influences you. If that's the case you can easily guess what kind of Metal the band is listening to based on what you hear on "Mandau".  Staunch eastern Metal diehards, I can guarantee that.

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