Monday, October 1, 2012

SAKRILEGE "Scale Of Savagery"

SAKRILEGE "Scale Of Savagery" Rehearsal Tape 2010
This is a rehearsal tape in its uttermost sense. It really does sounds like being recorded with  a battered tape recorder or something. Truly at its roughest. But to be fair all the vital equipments are audible nevertheless. I'll see what I can dig out from the tape, no matter how limited it will be. This is some bestial shit, no arguments. SAKRILEGE is purely more into the South American ways of desecrating Metal, that much is pretty obvious. The songs are no frills bestial black/death that might be mistaken to come from those part of the world should the band's Sabah origin is witheld. A cover of ANAL VOMIT's 'Sendero Siniestro' here is just to make the point even more noticeable. SAKRILEGE and their state-mate BESTIAL HORDES certainly has a thing or two in common. I do wish I could hear a more proper recordings of the band though, maybe there're still bits and pieces that I might unintentionally left out. 

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